Call of Duty: WWII Free Codes Being Sent Out by Activision

Apprently, free digital codes of Call of Duty: WWII are being sent out by Activision?! No, really!

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jjb1981363d ago

Apprently? Wow, nothing to see here folks. Carry on.

Devxdos99363d ago

This will increase install base for the game. Smart

Agheil363d ago

Does no one dowuble check these things ? One image and people go off. Other people confirm but no images or proof

Phi39582362d ago

And has double digit viewers!!! Success......

The_KELRaTH361d ago

I received this a few days ago. It basically went that they noticed I did not own WW2 so here's a free digital copy on them. You can then choose the format you want to play it on and a code is emailed to you. I even got 1100 cod points for buying a digital version. The game is lot better than I thought it was going to be but it's now down to just 9 mp maps!