Call of Duty: WWII Is Free for PS+ June Lineup, Available Tomorrow

PS Plus members, Call of Duty: WWII is part of the monthly games lineup for June and will be available for download starting 26th May.

We’ll share additional details of our monthly lineup later this week. Enjoy!

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purple101983d ago

Decent. Il play single campaign real quick. Then get back to hardhat

KyRo983d ago

They update the playlists tomorrow so hardhats 24/7 is probably going.

blackblades982d ago

I'll tried it, but I couldnt complete the last cod campaign we got free wasnt feeling but the MP was fun.

Neonridr982d ago

I'm one of those people who actually used to buy Call of Duty for the campaigns. I stopped playing the whole MP side after MW3 (aside from a bit of the BR mode from BLOPS4). So I will definitely check this out.

Dark-soul982d ago

I am one of those people too, but i bought this and completed campaign at release day

outsider1624982d ago

So 3 games for June ps+? Or is this just a bonus? Someone fill me in on this. Which is the second game?

purple101982d ago

That's what I was thinking. 3 games as it's their summer "state of play" sale where even psn price goes on sale. As do consoles and controllers. This is the 10th anniversary on ps+ too apparently

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zsquaresoff983d ago

Nice, my first COD after MW2, hope the game is easy to platinum.

Profchaos982d ago

It's probably the hardest Cod to platnuim. Veteran playthrough is very hard as the game doesn't have regenerative health and uses medkits.

SeanScythe982d ago

COD World at War was so insane to platinum, downing the planes, and beating it on veteran when the enemies had heat seeking grenades and an unlimited supply. Hiding behind a tombstone prone for dear life was a nightmare. I beat that and nearly snapped the disc afterwards because I just hated how much hell it put me through.

kneon982d ago

If I play it then it will be my first COD since BLOPS

Shalawsorchi983d ago

Sony is seriously killing it! Can’t wait for PS5 for even more greatness.

MEGANE982d ago

Dam bro, u sound like a cheerleader.

ChiefofLoliPolice982d ago

Jesus man... let the guy have his moment.

Black-Helghast982d ago

Damn bro, u look so edgy with that pfp

982d ago
Hawk198666982d ago

Killing it with a £5 game. Right.

982d ago
Hawk198666982d ago

@Gahl1k lol what, you got to be joking.

Abnor_Mal983d ago

If true its unfortunate that I already played the single player on its highest difficulty. Don't play the MP, so not much reason for me to be excited, good for everyone else who has yet to play.

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The story is too old to be commented.