Six new games arrive via Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One – Are they worth the return?

Carlos writes "2017 was a great year for the Xbox Backwards Compatibility program with many of our favourite 360 games made playable on Xbox One. That said, there are still a ton of highly requested games yet to arrive in the program and with 2018 set to see even more added, it makes sense that the first of the years new additions are now being given the treatment. This past week has seen six new games made backwards compatible, but which ones are worth returning to once more?"

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Rhythmattic1367d ago

"Six new games arrive via Backwards Compatibility"
Does anyone not see the funny side to this statement? I do... lol

naji20041367d ago

thats only 4 games shown.

PassNextquestion1367d ago

There's actually 6 shown, there's 3 Magic the gathering games + 3 other games.

fxa52091367d ago

Indeed... hahaha... it should be six old games coming to backwards comparability....

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Cy1366d ago

And here we have another nail in the coffin of context.

Rhythmattic1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

And here we have another who just doesn't get it...

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Yohshida1367d ago

I need more og xbox games

Ricegum1367d ago

Get an OG Xbox then. Let the Xbox One focus on new games please.

Yohshida1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

I have one and around 100 og games, but I want to use my Elite controller and games look horrible on my tv with the og. Also streaming is easy and I have all the new features. Let Gamers focus on playing what they want and stop hating

Death1366d ago


Are you saying the backwards compatibility team should make a new game? It’s silly to see people making these comments since one does not affect the other. 6 more games are now playable on Xbox One. This is a good thing especially if you are one of the rare individuals that haven’t played every single game that has been released in the past.

yomfweeee1366d ago


Every penny they spend on this is a penny they could spend on new games. Microsoft doesn't have any open checkbook for the division to waste just because the company is worth billions.

chaos-emeralds1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

No point, Microsoft stripped the HD modes out of the original Xbox. The games look crap on it now. The backwards compatibility for them on Xbox one is very welcome. They look amazingly crisp.

PUBG1366d ago

I love backwards compatibility. Lately I've been playing through the Mass Effect Trilogy, and I've also been playing Burnout Paradise, which I love. I'm hoping that they make GRAW1 backwards compatible, since I never got to play the 360 version of the game, which was the only good version made. The PC and PS2 versions of GRAW1 sucked bad.

There are many younger gamers who have never experienced many of the older games from the last two generations, so it would be great for those people to experience some of the great games of the past. Personally, despite the graphics obviously not being as good a current gen games, I think the games from last gen were much better than what we've been getting this generation by far.

Don't get me wrong, there are some great games this gen, but there was just a lot more interesting things going on last gen. As an example, EA was actually making lots of great great games last gen, but this gen things have been disappointing with them to say the least.

NoPeace_Walker1366d ago (Edited 1366d ago )

Unreal..but does the OG Xbox play Ninja Gaiden Black at native 1080p on the XB1 or native 4k like on the X? 🤔

Let the man decides for himself just like Xbox fans don't go around and tell PS4 gamers to use their PS2 to play Shadow of Colossus instead of spending $40 on the 2nd HD remake on PS4.

Yohshida1364d ago

I just love that I only need 1 box to rule them all. Get the X and play the best versions of all xbox generations of games. Its a nobrainer why people like BC

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Lime1231364d ago

Yup, even PS4 has more games from 6th generation.

TheOttomatic911367d ago

Do they have any 4K upgrades

Cherchez La Ghost1367d ago

Nope! I wish they did.. I'm waiting for Dante's Inferno, Castlevania 1 & Max Payne 3 to be BC one day.

TheOttomatic911366d ago

Ya me too, I just wish MS would add 4K support for other 360 BC games besides Halo 3, Mirrors Edge, Oblivion etc.

Zerobalance1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

I love the Sniper elite series & V2 is a great game & as I still have my 360 copy I'm good to go. Great news & it's free for me too.

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