Monster Hunter World Final Beta PS4 Pro Comparison: Graphics, Resolution & Frame Rate Mode

Monster Hunter World has one of the best PS4 Pro implementation in game.

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Tapani272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

Has anyone here actually tried if the frame-rate, and particularly the frame-pacing is better than in the previous beta? It was pretty horrendous and the visuals were fairly muddy on Pro. The earlier beta's resolution mode gave something like 25-28 fps and had bad frame-pacing. The frame-rate mode was somewhere between 30-40fps, with a bit better pacing, but it felt uneven and unpolished still. Hopefully they fixed this, because it was the only thing that bothered me. Just a decent 30fps lock with dips here and there would be the best way to go...

I know I will be playing this for three months if I start this, so maybe I'll wait until a patch comes along. Planning to co-op this with our family. The game contents look incredibly good! Famitsu also gave 39/40, so it at least is an indication that this will be a masterpiece in the MonHan category.

Zarock271d ago

What’s the resolution on XboxX?