If you thought CS:GO gambling was bad, wait for PUBG

CS:GO skin gambling sites have had several years to get troubling enough with their effectiveness to attract mainstream attention. It is time to kick back and see how much havoc that accumulated experience will wreck once it gets applied to PUBG skin gambling.

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munchmiller272d ago

Indeed. Just what kids needed, another avenue to push this garbage in their faces.

What am I saying though? There's MUNNY to be made!! Screw everything else!

Kumakai272d ago

You are completely naive to how the industry operates and what’s going on. Sorry.

LoveSpuds272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

I dont think he is naive at all, he is spot on, elements within the industry are pushing the boundaries of acceptability with regards to exploiting the consumer.

munchmiller272d ago

No need to apologize. It takes far more than words from internet guy #13489237472 to offend me. :)

Cilvar272d ago

@LoveSpuds This guy gets it.

bluefox755272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

I don't technically consider it gambling, any more than buying a pack of MTG or Yu-Gi-Oh cards is gambling, but I think an easy solution would be to increase the ESRB rating of a game to Mature if it has loot boxes or random reward microtransactions. A lot of the concern seems to be for the children. I think loot boxes are a terrible practice, and bad for gaming overall, but if adults are buying them, that's their business. I don't think we should be telling adults what they can spend their own money on. With that said, I do wish people would stop buying them, lol.