Resident Evil 2 Web Page Updated With Cryptic Message

Yet more evidence surfaces that Resident Evil 2 Remake is getting an imminent reveal and/or announcement very soon as the Resident Evil 2 web page gets cryptic update.

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strayanalog270d ago

Apparently the doors in the Raccoon Police department are unlocked.

Gatsu270d ago

They better show it ^__^!!!

chris235270d ago

another remake? really? people are still buying them? good for some companies to make very easy money. i just wish there were much less remakes and a little bit more original releases. this very lame gen continues.

MrSwankSinatra270d ago

I think you're confusing remaster with remake. they are not the same thing.

NecrumOddBoy270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

I want a thumbs-up or thumbs-down on this idea.

Wouldn't it be cool if a Resident Evil one or two or even three were remastered with VR in mind. I do not mean a first-person perspective either. I mean a third person fixed camera perspective just like in the original games but the VR would actually justified into the story as you play as the camera. So everytime you go from one fix camera to the next you're transitioning to a new camera in the world where you can still look around but you're in a fix place and keeping that third person classic Resident Evil perspective. It would be really cool if doing interactive puzzles and going through doors and cutscenes could be in full fledged VR but everything else is still that asymmetrical fix camera.

I think they did really well with Resident Evil 7 in VR but that is a first-person game. VR with third person works so phenomenally and I think even better than in first.

SolidGear3270d ago

Someone's been under a rock the last couple years, lol

FreddyFazbear270d ago

A remake is still a very different game. Compare RE1 to REmake and see the Huge difference. Like MrSwankSinatra said its a Remake not a Remaster. Lame?? there are so many New IPs this gen that my fingers and toes is not enough to count. You are not forced to buy this if remakes are still not your thing.

G3ng4r270d ago

I'll buy it if there are updated visuals and subtle quality of life improvements. Yes. For me it's about what is the remake of. Why the outrage? You have new stuff coming.

MADGameR270d ago

So you mean more ''original releases'' like that shitty Resident Evil 7? Which is NOT a Resident Evil game! idiot!


It very much was a resident evil game, go back to playing resident evil 6 you clown

BlackTar187269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

Resident evil 7 was the first big release actual resident game in over 10 yrs

Eidolon269d ago

RE7 shitty? Dude. -.-, iI really enjoyed it and I am big fan of 1-3.


you can keep that statement In your head, hundreds of games are made every year stop crying, and this is a remake, not remaster which is more on point for this generation, but to be able to play my favorite Resident evil ever remade to today's standards is a blessing and I'm going to buy two copies just to counter your dumb beliefs

BlackTar187269d ago

I love 2 as well but I really hope #3 Is next.

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FreddyFazbear270d ago

Never Have I been So excited once again in my life!! Dont let us down capcom. A proper 3rd person NON ACTION, oriented Horror game like REmake. It should be similar to the Fan Made RE2 which capcom contacted and gave the courtesy to stop the project and some of them they say collaborated with capcom to work on this so dont screw this up!!

NapalmSanctuary269d ago

Have you seen the Rod Lima RE2 Unreal Engine remake? Aside from the colors being a bit too washed out and pasty, I think its perfect.

FreddyFazbear269d ago

Yes yes!! Totally forgot that one Aside from the team i was talking about forgot their name also Rod lima's version is fantastic!! I do hope its as similar as it is. The other teams work was using the over the shoulder like RE4 which in my opinion is also nice but retain the atmosphere and pacing whatever is fine with me fixed camera like rod lima or the over the shoulder. Just not 1st person like RE7 or else there will be backlash XD. imagine 2 groups of fans making a modern RE2 just shows how awesome RE2 is. Who could blame them RE2 has perfect pacing, suspense, horror and story in my opinion. Other entries advantage is just they improved the gameplay like 180 fast turn, the ability to dodge and better visuals. But RE2 is so memorable after all this years it just sticks to you. No other RE game made me play it more than 4 times just to unlock everything and the scenarios. I just cant beat Tofu LOL. Whoever can finish that with Tofu is hardcore.

HeisenbergX269d ago

@Freddy how was RE7 for you ? what did you think of it ?

FreddyFazbear269d ago

I havent finished it yet But I like it. It has its own identity thats why i dont want capcom making another RE7 out of RE2. make the game what made it special and unique in the first place. If they ever implement First person it should be optional you can switch from 3rd to first. bottomline RE7 was a good take yes but Honestly i would rather want a fixed or over the shoulder because it feels more like a classic RE game. One of the reasons i think RE7 had first person game design is due to P.T. and other popular horror games like amnesia and outlast.

TheOttomatic91270d ago

OMG I can’t wait to play this game

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