Virtual Reality and 4K Aren't on Nintendo's Radar for Now

Virtual reality (VR) and 4K are what many gamers and gaming companies are talking about today. However, Nintendo isn’t one of them as the Japanese giant isn’t interested in those technologies at this time.

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fenome1099d ago

It's weird they're not going to chase VR now that the tech is getting there considering they were the first console to try it with the Virtual Boy. My friend had one back in the day and man that thing was a bad headache, but at least they were willing to try it back then.

marloc_x1099d ago

..they have always maintained the Virtual Boy trademark😉

bow2yoda1099d ago

they maintain all of their tm's... all of them lol

kevnb1099d ago

I think they learned a lesson with the virtual boy, even today vr only has a niche audience that wouldn’t even be happy with any vr games the switch could pull off.

tmisellati1099d ago

they do not like to mimic other's work.

fenome1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )


That's true, but the more companies that get on board with VR the better because the tech will catch up faster and more developers will get used to creating content for it.

I'm not saying whether they should persue it or not, I'm just speaking in more of a general sense.

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munchmiller1099d ago

At this point in time? I can't blame them. They're doing good with their Switch, and really, why rock the boat?

Continue to restoring and building the Nintendo name first, and worry bout 4K and VR later.

There's no danger of VR making any sweeping market shift anytime soon, that much is for sure. There's better chance VR fizzles out for the 4th time instead.

fenome1099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Very good points. I honestly don't think VR is going to fizzle this time though, it's just still in its infant staged and can only grow from here.

TheCommentator1099d ago

Nintendo is more interested in making last gen HW with off the wall accessories, sold at an outrageous profit and supported with solid 1st party HW. This mentality saved their bacon with the Wii and they're sticking to it. It's also a smart move on their part to avoid VR, since it doesn't appear to be making any headlines in terms of gameplay or sales ATM.

LIGATURE1099d ago

Nintendo will do 4k 30fps in 20 years

marloc_x1099d ago

Nintendo will be the only console available in 20 years.. 😉

Knushwood Butt1099d ago

This is one of those threads where certain fans claim graphics don't matter.

bluefox7551099d ago

They'd have to release a new console if they wanted to do either of those things.

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The story is too old to be commented.