Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Review

Neocrisis - Was Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning EA's answer to the Elder Scrolls and Fable Series? The comparisons have been made and it may be quite a valid one at that.

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fenome326d ago

I really wish someone would have picked up this IP, it had great combat and a lot of potential.

cleft5325d ago

KoA is simply amazing, I couldnt agree more.

nucky64325d ago

loved the game - I'd always hoped to see another one made.

fenome324d ago

Same here, was really hoping for a sequel (with a jump button! lol).

Switch4One326d ago

The combat in this game was so fun and fluid. It was a real standout from the combat in Fable and Elder Scrolls.
If someone could marry the humour/charm of Fable, the RPGness of Elder Scrolls, the graphics/visual spectacle of Horizon and the gameplay of Amalur then perhaps Witcher 3 would have a worthy rival for best RPG of the generation

Elit3Nick325d ago

We'll need to see what Playground does with Fable, assuming the rumor is true.

Team_Litt325d ago

We may be expecting a bit too much from Playground. To hit all those checks on their first try would be quite the feat.

I'd be happy with the Fable gameplay and humour plus the Skyrim RPGness. Wanting Horizon graphics on top of that is going to require a bigger team and a lot more time! What GG managed to do was just short of miraculous because the gameplay in Horizon is super fun as well.

BlackIceJoe325d ago

The game was fun and there was room for improvement. Sadly a sequel won't ever happen. I wish it would though, I just doubt anyone will buy it from Rhode island.

addictedtochaos325d ago

Apparently some have tried but their bids weren’t to Rhode Island’s liking so the IP remains hostage.

fenome325d ago

That's because they want too much for it. They're trying to sell Kingdoms and that Project Copernicus MMO together. They should just separate them and offer lower prices.

I wish Schilling wouldn't have tried to make the MMO and Kingdoms simultaneously, he bit off WAY more than he could chew.

Cy325d ago

The combat was the only decent thing about the game. The whole thing was set up like an MMO otherwise, and it sucked.

Relientk77325d ago

This is a really sick RPG. I sunk a lot of hours into this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.