Kingdoms Of Amalur Lives Again, And Battlefield V Feels Like More Of The Same

In our latest editorial, we discuss the exciting possibilities for THQ Nordic's latest acquisition, ponder the curious decision to produce the Xbox One PUBG 'grease proof' controller in limited edition quantities, and express frustration at the parts of Battlefield V that refuse to evolve.

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Hardiman98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

I'm really digging THQ Nordic's rise back up in the industry! I love the Darksiders series and hopefully 3 will deliver! Biomutant is another awesome IP they are publishing and it is a day one for me! They also have the Red Faction IP and with the remaster of Guerrilla earlier this year I'm hopeful we'll get more games like that one!

I think them buying KOA is genius and shows they are savvy enough to know while it may not have done as well as it could have, that it had a fan base and done right could be a modern hit! I loved that game but it released when Dragons Dogma and Skyrim were first doing the rounds which didn't do it any favors. That said I think the property is in good hands and is due a resurgence!

I just hope they avoid the pitfalls made by THQ because they have quite a few IP's that could find a new audience now.

JTGA98d ago

I literally couldnt agree more, with everything you just said. Red Faction was an absolute classic for me 'back in the day'. I think what THQ are doing is really smart!

kbozz7197d ago

Loved Kingdoms of Amalur! Please make a sequel!!

JTGA97d ago

It's certainly ripe for an HD remaster...