Forza Horizon 3 On Xbox One X Features Significant Improvements Over The Xbox One Version

Head to head comparison between the Xbox One X and Xbox One versions of Forza Horizon 3.

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Gridknac430d ago

I play this on pc and @4k this game is beautiful! If the x1x looks anything like it, then console owners will be happier than a puppy with 2 peters! The game is a blat too!

Pantz430d ago

It's cool the Xbox One X version actually has higher resolution shadows than the PC version is capable of.

ONESHOTV2430d ago

really now where did you hear that from ?>?

Pantz430d ago

The developers themselves mentioned it in an interview

OpenGL430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Higher resolution static shadows, the dynamic shadows on Xbox One X are worse. Digital Foundry said they couldn't see a difference in the static shadows but that the dynamic shadows were noticeably worse on Xbox. PC version meanwhile runs at 4K60.

AAWELLS09430d ago

Lol dont let it bother you

OpenGL430d ago

It doesn't, I play the game at 4K60 on the max settings. I'd gladly take the visual benefits of 2x the framerate, better reflections, better dynamic shadows, and better motion blur over something that digital foundry can't find.

Razzer430d ago

I’ll take the higher frame rates. Enjoy your shadows.

tucky430d ago

On a 4 inches screen ... indeed

Pancit_Canton430d ago

Sorry, I was watching it on 4K 65" TV.

tucky430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

Lol ... buy a new one or new glasses

creeping judas430d ago

@Pancit, that only goes to show you how damn good the vanilla version of the game is!!

Pancit_Canton430d ago

Sorry, I won't go that far.

Gaming4Life1981430d ago

Well when I was playing yesterday I could easily tell how much the 4k resolution and increased visual's had improved the game in every way. Maybe you just need to play it and see it for yourself cause the game looks amazing now and it already looked great.

gamer7804430d ago

looks great, much cleaner, especially the shadows

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