Xbox E3 Briefing This Will Include "Positive Changes"

Microsoft promises some "positive changes" for this year's big briefing in Los Angeles.

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Neonridr2380d ago

For their sake I hope they mean it.

-Foxtrot2380d ago

After all these years...to be really blunt...they don't

UltraNova2380d ago

Positive changes for whom? The fans or them?

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TheCommentator2379d ago

That's the obvious answer based off of historical data, Foxtrot, and it's the safe bet if one is to make predictions. If MS is serious about surviving in the industry for the long term though, at some point things have to change to reflect what gamers want to see from MS. To me, MS spoke the truth about their intent with the 1X, and right now they contend that they are renewing focus on games and studios. I don't agree with your viewpoint because I still have faith that MS will show a shift in focus now that 1X is out.

I guess we'll have to see what comes out of the show this year but, to be fair, I completely understand your, "Boy Who Cried Wolf" mentality.

Cyborgg2379d ago

Well Phil is a lot better than Don Mattrick the 🤡

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TheCommentator2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Why the disagrees? Curious, because:
-Foxtrot's response is safe given MS track record
-MS has to change their ways ASAP
-MS succeeded in making a console that can hit native 4K if the developers choose to
-MS said once the 1X was out that they'd focus on games

Is it because I said I have faith? I've seen constant improvements from MS since the launch of the XB1. I've seen attempts to market single player games that failed to have mass market appeal, like Ryse, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Recore, etc. but it was still an effort. Conversely, I think MS should have done way more with studios and IP by now; they were really ignorant by the middle of last gen with all of the studio closures and reliance on 3rd party, and none of the game cancellations this gen helped either.

Anyways, I believe MS is doing things differently after reading this:

"I don't think we've talked about yet, but I think will be some positive changes at E3," Spencer said. "Could be fun for us; it'll be a nice change." Spencer said that Microsoft believes in gaming. "The support that we're getting, the ambition that the company has...hopefully 2018 will show some of that," Spencer said. (edited for length)

With that, MS specifically mentions change from the expected (see foxtrot's OP) with a possibility of results hitting as early as 2018. I'm not as concerned personally with "when" as "if", because there is no when to consider if MS doesn't show that they are making an effort to change.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Foxtrot said everything that needs to be said and then some.

darthv722379d ago

Any change they make this year is positive change. Especially when compared to last year.

rainslacker2379d ago


MS has made similar promises for years now, yet always come up short. Should we just keep giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Many people have gone on record saying they just don't trust Spencer, and he did that to himself. It's not other people that causes Spencer to under deliver, it was Spencer who hyped up, only to not deliver in the end.

If positive changes come, that's great. but don't expect people to actually get all gushy because Spencer promises something. If something positive comes, I'll give them credit when it happens. Not before. MS hasn't earned the right to expect others to have faith in their words.

hamburgerhill2379d ago

Well said Foxtrot! MS can do what they want but stop playing with my time! Hopefully we really do see some positive changes. Problem is I've been saying the same thing for years!

kreate2379d ago


"Positive changes for whom? The fans or them?"

That's a good point.

For me though, I actually don't want them to change. I just want them to make games.

UltraNova2379d ago


You are more than welcome to beleive anything Phil says. No, go right ahead dude. Fair warning though, remember this thread (and others like it)because by this time next year you'll probably be reminded why blind devotion always leads to disappointment.

bouzebbal2378d ago

I hope so. this brand has become irrelevant.

mark_parch2378d ago

to be fair I can't really trust Microsoft until I see it with my own eyes. remember the greatest lineup in xbox history lol. gears of war ( a remaster ) fable legends ( cancelled ) fm6 ( standard ) rise of the tomb raider ( multiplat ) halo 5 ( absolute trash story ). then there's the crackdown 3 cloud destruction which we still don't even know is real yet. at least early 2018 looks good with sea of thieves and state of decay 2 ( one of my most anticipated games )

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lxeasy2380d ago

By positive changes I hope they mean more true exclusives that aren't just timed exclusives with lengthy gameplay that blow our minds away like Sone does.

Kingthrash3602380d ago

But you've been acting like they've been positive this whole time.
Have you finally seen what many other have been saying this whole time?

Neonridr2380d ago

no I haven't. I don't even own an Xbox. So not sure where you got that. I just don't go around slamming MS like most of the other people on here. I am neutral because I am just a gamer at heart. I just want good experiences and great games. They can come from anywhere for all I care.

Markusb332379d ago

I've seem wait til e3 for 4+ years.
They are great at hardware like consoles and controllers. Shame it's not the same on the software front

Brian76554922379d ago

That's a good attitude to have Neonridr, adding to the toxicity gets you nowhere.

Microsoft needs to be held accountable for when they are not doing enough, which is where they are now and have been for quite some time . So it's no wonder many are apprehensive and unwilling to give them the benefit of the doubt. If they do manage to have a great E3 this year is when you will see if people really wanted a change or just enjoy slamming them as you say.

notachance2379d ago

damn, almost half a year for a new announcements.. let's hope some of that releases this year

Cyborgg2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

No way it will release this year. It takes a few years to make games. I been saying 2019 will be a good year for Microsoft. Assuming the games are good. I expect all the new games they announce at E3 2018 won't release until 2019. I would like them to announce a new Mechassault game.

LP-Eleven2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

You can be "a gamer at heart" (though this is a nonsense, pretentious label) and STILL disapprove of Microsoft. You can disapprove of any of these companies. Microsoft gets justified backlash because they've promised and not delivered. That's not "unwarranted hate". For these companies to change, they need to be called out when they're in the wrong. Nintendo has dealt with it. Sony has dealt with it. The result? Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

As a "gamer", that should be what your focus is on, not chasing down forum-dwellers with varying opinions.

trooper_2379d ago

I hope so too. Its been all empty promises and no delivering on their part.

Xerneas2379d ago

MS delivered the best E3 of last year. This year will be no different.

LP-Eleven2379d ago

I'm curious..... with what?

GrubsterBeater2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Did you watch the same E3 that I watched?! It sounds like you watches. MS E3 in an alternate dimension, because they certainly didn't "deliver" anything.... like at all..

I could understand saying "MS delivered the best E3 of last year" only if it was the ONLY E3 conference you have ever seen before, and have never seen Sony or Nintendo's E3.