Let's Remember The Time Chris Redfield Punched That Boulder

Taking a look at when the Resident Evil series jumped the shark; specifically the moment in Resident Evil 5 when Chris Redfield punched a boulder so hard it fell off a cliff to create a bridge over lava.

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Hardiman367d ago

Yeah that's why RE7 was so good to me in that it made this unbelievable world more believable. If that makes any sense.

I enjoyed part 4 and while there was action there was also the creep factor from characters to situations onto the environments.

I can't say the same about part 5 as there was nothing about it that I found creepy! Part 6 was even worse but to me 7 was what the series needed. I'm sure fans who grew up on part 4-6 didn't like it for obvious reasons those of us who were there for the original trilogy appreciated the move back to the series tense roots!

thedustinthomas366d ago

Sounds like you, like me, were there from the beginning of the series, and I completely agree. 6 just did nothing for me, but 7 was definitely a step in the right direction. I was hopeful that the Ustanak (I think that's what it was called) would bring back the tension and dread of Nemesis, but it really didn't.

Hardiman366d ago

Yeah I still remember the chill that ran up my spine when I came upon the first zombie in the mansion! At that point a game had never really creeped me out.

The newer ones were missing the atmosphere and tension that made the first few so exciting to me!

Miss_Vixen366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Add me to the list too.

I've been there since the very beginning with the first RE, and still fondly remember that cheesy but memorable intentional live action opening. And I would never forget that moment when the zombie dog jump through the window in the mansion. I had nightmares from that for days. x)

I enjoyed the games that came after which were RE2, RE3, Code Veronica, and RE4 as well even though it did deviated a lot from the previous games. I even had a decent time playing the first Outbreak on PS2. The RE Remake on Gamecube, RE Zero, & to an extend RE Revelations were enjoyable as well.

5 & 6 was when the series lost it's identity and tried to cram too much with the mutiple characters, and actions, especially 6.

I'm of the few who enjoyed RE7 very much. It had a lot of right elements, and vibes from the first game. I am looking very forward to the upcoming RE2 remake. If there is going to be a part 8, I'm hoping Capcom will continue the horror roots of RE 7.

DarXyde366d ago

2 was my favorite. I'm a big fan of the classic games. 6 thoroughly pissed me off.

SolidGear3366d ago

Add me too.. been there since the first game released on PlayStation

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HeisenbergX366d ago

RE7 was damn good and scary ! i just hope Capcom doesnt fuck it up with the sequel and it becomes an action game.

366d ago
FallenAngel1984367d ago

“For whatever reason, people didn’t lavish the same type of praise on RE5 despite the fact that they’re essentially the same game in many ways”

Not in that many ways.

Resident Evil: Revelations 1&2 have more in common with RE4 than RE5 does.

thedustinthomas366d ago

I think it depends on how you look at it. I agree though, the Revelations games (underrated) definitely feel like a lot like RE4. RE5 definitely placed a greater emphasis on action than 4, but I was actually referring less about the tone and more about how the game feels and plays. Similar UI, same over the shoulder perspective, and lots of QTE presses during cutscenes.

366d ago
DeadManMMX366d ago

Yes. I'll never forget this and how ridiculous it was but it started with RE4. Which was a good game but not a good Resident Evil game. When Leon Kennedy started jumping head first out of second story windows and landing on his feet unharmed the series started jumping the shark.

TheOttomatic91366d ago

I didn't and it didn't stop me from enjoying RE5

FreddyFazbear366d ago

Chris punching a boulder is the most ridiculous thing in the whole RE franchise. Come on even the worlds strongest man cannot push or punch that massive boulder. What were they thinking?? And im in the minority thay I think RE6 was a better game than RE5, you can move while shooting unlike in 5 stuck on your feet. Then you can dodge anytime and can punch kick enemies whenever you want without having to stun the enemies. Then you have real ZOMBIES unlike the ganado wannabe in 5. The only thing 5 has better than 6 is the pacing and wesker. Thats it. 5 is a watered down version of RE5 and oh RE5 was so short you can finish it in 3 hours or maybe less with skipping cutscenes. Cant agree with critics bashing 6 than 5 while it does more than 5.

SolidGear3366d ago

I actually enjoyed 6 better than 5 but solely because of Leon and Jakes campaign. Chris campaign was a joke to me though.

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