Rumor: Nintendo Europe Survey Hints Bayonetta 3 and Pokemon RPG for Switch Will Release In 2018

Nintendo of Europe is sending users a survey in which it asks what games players would like to play in the next 12 months. Among the many, some already announced and others already on the market, also appeared Bayonetta 3 and Pokémon RPG for Switch.

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TekoIie276d ago

I can see both Bayonetta 3 and Pokemon being a Q4 release.

Pokemon in maybe October/November and Bayonetta 3 as a December release perhaps?

Relientk77276d ago

Pokémon will release during the holiday season. That'll be big for Switch.

Neonridr276d ago

Switch sales in Japan will literally just explode.

AizenSosuke276d ago

Please Nintendo make this happen

zivtheawesome276d ago

i highly doubt that pokeswitch will be ready in time for holiday 2018. the pokemon company were originally against the switch design as they thought that people will find it too similar to phones. only when they seen the reception to the switch development has started. that would mean 1.5 years (remember they also made ultra sun and moon as well so actually only 1 year) for making a full game. this will only be possible if the game is just taking the 3ds assets in high res and they rush the game (which is usually not a good idea)

Antnee534276d ago

I feel the switch gane will take the engine form ultra sun and moon and convert it to the swith and make it bettef with better graphics. So that would make it in time for 2018

zivtheawesome276d ago

You really think they can make a whole new region and probably 100+ more Pokémon (unless they decide to not create a new regional Pokémon which would just be seriously stupid and make the game much more boring) in a year? That’s impossible.

Gemmol275d ago

Whole issue with your response that debunk everything is that Pokemon main team did not make Pokemon ultra sun and moon, that was a new team using old data from original Pokemon sun and moon to build up their experience making pokemon, while the main team was focusing and working on the switch

Outside_ofthe_Box276d ago

That would be huge and unexpected.

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