There's an Argument for Drake's Fortune Being the Best Uncharted Game

"While Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune may have aged a bit since its initial launch in 2007, it’s still a fantastic game even by today’s standards. Back in 2007, the PlayStation 3 was starving for a must-have exclusive and Drake’s Fortune quenched many gamer’s thirsts. Typically, Drake’s Fortune is near the bottom of many gamer’s Uncharted rankings. However, I believe, that in a handful of ways, Drake’s Fortune is still unmatched by any of its sequels." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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UCForce372d ago

It’s a great game for sure, but Uncharted 2 has improved everything from original game. Even Uncharted 4 is my favorite, but I cannot denied that Uncharted 2 was a big influence to all gaming industry.

371d ago
ABizzel1371d ago

If it had the gameplay and graphics improvements then it possible could rank up there with 3. The first game was really good, but it didn't have the dialog flow and lovable of the cast that the other games built, especially 2.

VenomUK371d ago

In many ways I think Uncharted 2 is perfect. It takes everything from the first game and builds and expands on it in just the right way.

But also I have a deep love for Uncharted 1. I played it the Christmas it was released. There was no expectations of it. It was just this brand new game about a hero, Drake, that took us on a hell of a thrill ride. It came from nowhere and was so great and so I will always love it. I won’t criticise anyone who finds it the best!

Brian7655492371d ago

2 really brought Uncharted to the masses and elevated Naughty Dog to one of the best game developers out there.

PurplePeopleEaters372d ago

Uncharted wasn’t the best game of the series, but It is a classic experience that should be played if you game on Playstation.

stefan_771371d ago

I disagree. The sequels are better in every way

frostypants371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

I dunno. Uncharted 3 was pretty forgettable IMO. For me Uncharted 1 was the 3rd best, at worst.

morganfell371d ago

I disagree with your disagree. Uncharted was the pinnacle of the series. It didn't get weighed down in drama. It remembered it was a video game. It remembered to be fun above everything else.

It reminds me of the Die Hard series. The first is still the best because it was tense and fun and didn't become mired in relationships and family drama.

TheUndertaker85370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Except his wife worked in Nakatomi Tower where he was going to attend a Christmas party that effectively got crashed by a terrorist.

Much like Uncharted focused on the idea that Nathan Drake promised a story of Sir Francis Drake to one Elana Fisher while forming a relationship and Nathan ultimately saving her.

Both also saw their respective protagonist taking the woman hostage in an effort to sway the hero from further pursuit only for it to become the forefront for heroic actions.

morganfell370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

So? You are only helping to make my point.

They didn't over play the romantic angle or how he was willing to die for love. He wasn't swamped by the pain of how their marriage failed. "Boo hoo I was a bad husband and ruined her life."

The fact that Holly was using her maiden name and it was discovered her last name was McClane drove the action along rather than miring the moment in an emotional downpour.

You can have personal relationship factors without having to send the game or the movie to 8th grade because they want their drama back.

Nodoze371d ago

It is. The others focused too much on over the top quick time situations. From a gameplay (1-3...I have not played 4 yet) I find this is the most fun and best in the series.

Teflon02371d ago

It's a great game but hands down it ranks last

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