Soulcalibur VI. How Mitsurugi changed over years - Model Comparison

Let's have a look on how Mitsurugi changed over the years since Soul Calibur 2. Which model you like better?

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Edito1250d ago

I simple don't like this young mitsurugi.I

Movefasta19931250d ago

I am with you, I hate the fact that they went

zexetux1249d ago

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oasdada1249d ago

i simply dont like the game running on unreal engine.. every one looks like they bathed in baby oil

PurpHerbison1249d ago

I seem to notice that with damn near every unreal game these days. Why is that? Like everything has this small coat of blur. Where is the clarity?

OoglyBoogly1250d ago

Don't really care for the new model and I also find it a bit lazy that they're using the same animations since the FIRST Soul Calibur 16 years ago...

blackblades1250d ago

This isn't news at all, not even a opinion.