The world needs a new Manhunt game

The Manhunt games have a special place in gaming history. Surrounded by controversy, the two games in this hyper-violent series were always in the spotlight. But let’s forget about all that for a second and focus on why Rockstar Games should focus on bringing us Manhunt 3.

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solvemymaze278d ago

I'd love to see Manhunt 3. I do wonder if Nintendo would pick it up for the Switch, especially after they gave the greenlight for Manhunt 2 on the Wii.

Venox2008278d ago

Wii version was censored

Lennoxb63277d ago

With the way Red Dead Redemption 2 is looking, I can't see the Switch running. And I don't see Rockstar going backwards in the graphics department just to make it on the Switch.

pestesirdo277d ago

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MrSwankSinatra278d ago

In a world we live in now, no way would there be a Manhunt 3.

Lennoxb63277d ago

There was still people being triggered by Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt, and Bully back then. The social media boom have just made their voices louder.

EazyC278d ago

Don't see it happening. As bad as Manhunt 1's release was, I think what with everyone being perpetually offended on the Internet now, investors would see it as too risky.

I loved the first one though, I remember feeling genuinely scared playing it when it came out

gangsta_red278d ago

If Manhunt 1 were to come out today it would be tame and a blip on the radar compared to other games that have released that are far more violent.

The first one was a masterpiece and I think the second one only got contriversy because it was a popular hot topic at the time.

Now, hardly any one cares as there are new hot beds of contriversy to freak out about.

LucidIllusion278d ago

People disagreeing are fragile beings.

hennessey86278d ago

People get offended far to easily these days, those peas are too green, these chips contain far to much potato. I feel a new manhunt would just bring an unnecessary spotlight onto the gaming industry.

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The story is too old to be commented.