Tabata Says His Dream Final Fantasy Game Would Give Players Complete Freedom; Comments on Loot Boxes

Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata commented on the hottest topic in the whole game industry: loot boxes. He also said that his dream Final Fantasy game would empower players with complete freedom.

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KaiPow281d ago

The Pitioss Ruins he talks about are the absolute highpoint of FFXV. Seriously, that should be the first thing people do once they reach the postgame.

Godmars290281d ago

Issue is one has to get to the post game. If getting through the game, the main story, isn't worth the time and effort of getting through it, is rewarding in and of itself, then the post game isn't worth it.

jixasewiy280d ago

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LavaLampGoo281d ago

Really need to get back into Final Fantasy XV. I really enjoyed it but think into distracted by something shiny and never came back.

indyman7777280d ago

I keep getting distracted by better games too. It is getting farther back in my back log of get back to games.

Cybermario281d ago

FF with complete freedom? would be a dream game

gamer7804280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

It's called ffxi or ffxiv. just play an mmo. I prefer story games if they are single player

-Gespenst-281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Like he'd ever criticize loot boxes. The company that employs him are currently running a dozen or so f2p games with gacha systems in them. Heck, he was likely involved in the creation of two of them: Justice Monsters Five and King's Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon. There's also A New Empire, which he probably had at least some involvement in.

thekhurg281d ago

Loot boxes in FREE games are far more acceptable than the bullcrap found in $60 games.

moegooner88281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Open world yada yada yada. Make a proper finished story first next time.

Alexious281d ago

The open world wasn't even in the top 10 open worlds anyway.

ameliabaz281d ago

Yeah I don't care about freedom if the story isn't compelling or complete.

SarcasticDuck281d ago

I love a good story but in videogames the gameplay comes always first. If you want a story, watch a movie or read a book.

Chaos_Order281d ago

No reason why story shouldn't be considered an important aspect to a game, especially when it comes to RPGs. Each medium has its strengths when it comes to storytelling potential and games are no different. Being able to marry gameplay and story together is a huge benefit. Things like the final showdown between hero and villain: being able to actually face them yourself and experience the challenge and eventual triumph of victory simply can't be replicated in books or movies.

Rachel_Alucard281d ago

This but unironically. Its pretty bad that everyone is trying to blend together movies and games instead of trying to give them an identity of their own. I'm not surprised since all the popular IPs this past gen are like this

-Foxtrot280d ago

Final Fantasy has always been about story though...

isa_scout280d ago

It doesn't have to be either-or, you can have both. Heck, Horizon Zero Dawn was up for numerous GOTY awards because it excelled at both storytelling and deep gameplay.If a game wants to focus on gameplay rather than story(or vice versa) that's fine, but when you make both equally as important then we expect a quality narrative.

SarcasticDuck280d ago

I never said story isn't important, i'm just saying gameplay should come first.

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EverydayGuy281d ago

Sounds like the next FF MMO. We can only rely on a few studios now for SP content.

FinalFantasyFanatic281d ago

In the end, even with all the updates, FFXV still feels like it was cobbled together in a rush, they really need to get the core parts down pat. Most aspects of the game were lackluster: story, characters, open world, ect...

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