2018 Should Be the Final Year for the 3DS

The 3DS has had an extremely strong run, but it's time to say its final farewell in 2018 in order to pave the way for a Switch-focused future.

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Nyxus277d ago

Nah it's still good to go. The 3DS and Switch can exist alongside each other, no need to kill the 3DS.

FallenAngel1984277d ago

3DS can live as long as it needs to

DillyDilly277d ago

Both can live with 3DS games on the Switch

DillyDilly277d ago

Both can live with 3DS games on the Switch as well

wonderfulmonkeyman277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Nah, Switch is a hybrid and their home console replacement, while 3DS is dual-screen for a different experience and 100% dedicated to their handheld line, which is honestly still very successful.
Unless they have a successor to New 3DS in mind now, despite it only having been on the market 2 years and 11 months [N3DS released February 13, 2015], it would be strange to cut their winning streak off early.

Now if we're talking the original 3DS, then yeah, that's 7 or so years old now, roughly, and could use a successor if you don't already consider the New 3DS as that successor.
But then again, Sony and Microsoft each made one of their consoles stretch over a full decade at one point, so although the 3DS is solely a handheld and not a home console or hybrid and thus isn't exactly the same case as the PS3 or 360, I don't see any reason why Nintendo wouldn't want to keep that ball rolling if it's still a ball of money.

DJK1NG_Gaming277d ago

yes let's have Nintendo kill off a large portion of their revenue. SMART IDEA!