Nintendo Has Erased the Wii U

Have you seen this console? With more news of Wii U ports coming to the Switch, it's become very clear Nintendo wants you to forget the Wii U happened.

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FallenAngel1984277d ago

On the plus side I finally see Gamestop offering used Wii U consoles for $150. I may opt to get one just for the hell of it if it ever gets a cheaper price.

Theknightofnights277d ago

With Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 2, and Mario Kart already on the Switch I, personally, wouldn't do it unless it was sub 100$. Just save the money for the Switch since a lot of the good games are getting ported/remastered anyway. Plus you are guaranteed future support. With the Wii U you get what you get.

InTheZoneAC276d ago

and I don't trust nintendo enough to believe we're going to get a lot more switch only amazing games. The SINGLE game I wish I had from the switch is Odyssey.

MisterRay277d ago

If you don't already have a Switch, it's not a bad investment, honestly.

kreate277d ago

I just bought one for $119 at gamestop. 8gb one.

uth11277d ago

same here, i may replace my og wii for the right price

TedCruzsTaint276d ago

For $150 more (or cheaper), just go in on the Switch. Most games are being ported to the console, and it's not like many Wii U games are getting all that cheaper, outside of specific sales.
Might as well put out the extra hundred or so, get better versions of the same titles, and have availability of the future Nintendo titles coming out.

I love the Wii U, but there is almost no reason to go in on one at this point.

InTheZoneAC276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

there's a lot of great games on the wii u that aren't on the switch. And since we're talking about nintendo we don't know how many more great switch only games we'll ever get. So far, for me, we're sitting at 1 game after 1 year.

I'm not spending $450 for one game(switch, pro controller, micro sd card, screen protector, tax)

TedCruzsTaint276d ago


Yeah .... well. You know, that's just like .... uh .... your opinion, man.

Let's be real here though.
The big games all seem to be coming to the switch. Often times superior versions to that of the Wii U, and often times for not much more than they are still on offer for now on Wii U.
My point being that you are getting a large amount of the stellar titles for the Wii U, along with everything that will be released going forward, more performance, and true portability. All for about $100 (if not trying to artificially inflate the investment needed for the Switch) - (PS You still need extras for the Wii U as well, if you want to go that route). It's just a better investment.

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godashram277d ago

I wouldn't say they erased it. More like "we have this catalog of great games that people didn't play, the can recoup some of the original cost now" which is true. The WiiU did have some great games, but people weren't willing to shell out for it, which makes sense since "most" of the games that "most" people wanted to play weren't available on it.

deadfrag277d ago

Nintendo is doing this,but i think they should have compensate in some form the people that own the Wii U and Supported them also buying the Switch,but the will not because how greedy they are.

XbladeTeddy277d ago

Why should they compensate you? You purchased the games, you played them, they worked as advertised. You're part of the entitled generation I take it. The ones that got participation medals for when they lose in a sport at school so their feelings don't get hurt for sucking.

MetroidFREAK21277d ago

Aren't you an entitled little man... quit talking nonsense

BigTrain276d ago

They definitely should have offered some form of compensation or an incentive/discount toward WiiU owners considering they continued to act as if the console would be supported. What they did with the WiiU was completely Sega like and caused Sega to die. Nintendo has evaded death simply because of their almighty IPs. I have had every system from them ever and I chose to stop at the WiiU due to the way they handled that system and the direction they went with the Switch. They're a greedy corporate ruled company that offers the same IPs, although great, for generation after generation. They're the Disney of video games.

PhoenixUp277d ago

“It still stings for those early adopters, like myself, of these games to see the Wii U's corpse picked clean, delegitimizing any reason we had to purchase it in the first place.”

You bought those games to enjoy them at the time they were released. A game getting rereleased on a new platform doesn’t make your initial purchase of them irrelevant.

“The Switch already has the Odyssey, so 3D World is almost unnecessary, though it is a different experience.”

That different experience is exactly why it’s necessary.

MisterRay277d ago

It doesn't make the initial purchase irrelevant, but hindsight is 20/20. I don't necessarily regret purchasing the games; if I knew then what I know now, I may still have bought some of them, regardless of knowing I'd do it again in the future. It just lessens the value of the Wii U, overall, to have more and more of its exclusives jump ship. In my opinion, exclusives are the only reason to own a console. Exclusive from PC, at least.

Profchaos277d ago

It's like saying that great games should never be ported to the next gen system.

You got lots of enjoyment out of the titles on the U so why can't others get the same enjoyment on the switch.

You played the games years ago so what's it matter it's like saying GTA San Andreas should never have gone to PS3 PS4 360 or mobile because it was a PS2 exclusive for 12 months or so

masterfox277d ago

lol erased the WiiU by releasing a portable Wii U. XD

G3ng4r276d ago

Surely the Wii u didn't make you feel this threatened. Must be tough for you switch didn't flop so you could be that much closer to a sony-only game world.

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