Battlefront II Is Rolling Out A New Patch That Aims to Balance The Game

The "Controversial" Battlefront II has announced a new patch that aims to rebalance the game and a fix some minor issues. Oh, and for all you haters, still ZERO mention of bringing back microtransactions

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OB1Biker331d ago

Remove the provocative haters calling plz Its just asking for toxicity in the comments and is not part of the article .

Id like to see more weapons and new special abilities

Prince_TFK330d ago

This website has been known to kiss EA’s ass for a while now. Oh and “ZERO mention of bringing back microtransactions” ? Yeah, right. They are just waiting, like a shark in a blood infested water. Once everything calm down, you can bet your ass that they are bringing it back.

OB1Biker330d ago

'like a shark in a blood infested water'
Haha that made me laugh

ZombieKiller330d ago

Which is why, even now, I'm hesitant. I feel like as soon as the game gets more human, I'll buy it, and it will go right back to old EA.

stokedAF330d ago

Provocative? Cliff notes on a balancing patch is about the most boring thing ever.

OB1Biker330d ago

Yes the article is not provocative. Its the header description here literally calling for 'haters' which shouldnt have been approved in that form

Sciurus_vulgaris330d ago

Battlefront 2 was fundamentally imbalanced by design, it was designed to sell loot boxes. Loot boxes to precedence over fair balanced gameplay, and Battlefront 2's poor design choices rightfully backfired on EA.

OB1Biker330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

It was and it backfired and pushed EA to freeze all MTs when it released.
Everyone knows that.
A fair balanced progression is what they have to work on the most to improve the game now

Bismarn330d ago

enjoy your wookies while you can

Usperg330d ago

And super charged sentry, blurrg and cr2 .....