PS Plus Japan gets stunning PS4 games line-up for January 2018

Japan's latest batch of free games from PS Plus has some tasty New Year treats in store including Ratchet on PS4.

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Daeloki277d ago

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fenome276d ago

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TheColbertinator278d ago

Disgaea 5 is a great game with tons of content

277d ago
PoopsMcGee278d ago

I'm happier with the US lineup this month. Of course, I already own R&C, so...

fenome276d ago

Yeah, I skipped out on Deus Ex Mankind Divided until it came to Plus. I've been hooked on it, I'm on new game+ right now, it's way better than I thought it would be. The first play through is almost like a huge tutorial, there's so much to do.

LgbtWarrior278d ago

Now that’s a plus line up! Japan scored

Eidolon278d ago

Disgea 5, R&C, and Aaero looks fun too.

DarXyde278d ago

It actually makes plenty of sense.

Remember now, they're competing with Nintendo and they need to be pretty strong-armed in Japan to compete. Offering Disgaea 5 (which is also available on Switch) is a pretty aggressive move. I'm expecting some level of consistency throughout the year. In fact, I would not be surprised if Persona 5/Persona 4 (PS2 version via PS2 classics) hits Plus this year.

Mr Marvel277d ago

I’d love to see them do a remaster of P4G on PS4. That’s my favourite Persona game and my second favourite Vita game behind Dragon’s Crown.

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