11 Video Game Characters With Autism

Video games are becoming more and more inclusive by the year with triple A game such as Overwatch and Watch Dogs 2 beginning to include more lead female and minority characters to the mix and also raising awareness around many problems here are 11 Video Game Characters With Autism.

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2pacalypsenow281d ago

I don’t get why you would want to have a player have a a handicap.

bigmalky281d ago

Autism is not a handicap. For instance, my son can fix just about anything electrical, he self taught himself clock repair and building, and makes mods for games and apps for smartphones.

His social skills suffer a little, but he finds enjoyment in what he does and it makes up for it.

Eiffel281d ago

It really depends how far on the spectrum as a handicap. There's the slightly impaired social skills side, and there's the extreme parent dependency for life side.

meka2611278d ago

I have autism and it is a handicap. It is a development issue which is a handicap; I also have ADD and depression, and again they are handicap. I understand your son has autism but to say it's not a handicap is just being dishonest. Of course it's a handicap that people can get through though.

bigmalky278d ago

It's a disability, yes, but it's not a handicap. I think terminology has changed for the better.

A handicap puts you on a scoreboard of how well you do things... I can't paint a detail-perfect image of a landmark I've seen once using photographic memory, that's not a handicap, it's my lack of ability to do so.

I can't do most of the activities as skilled as my son or others with disabilities that I've worked with for over ten years that have that focus. Everyone has their own forte and 9 out of 10 people diagnosed have some focused skill that sets them above others, sometimes tremendously so.

I'm not downplaying the detrimental effects of disability, I know how frustrated people with autism can get at having different levels of social and basic skills, just pointing out to the ignorant OP that he's being judgemental on the benefits of playing as characters with autism.

I have bouts of depression, anxiety, OCD and agoraphobia. It can be crippling, but it doesn't take any of my learned or natural skills away.

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TheCommentator280d ago

I don't get why insensitive people like you feel entitled to mock everything you don't understand. I have Asperger's, and I don't feel that the way you talked to Big Malky shows an ounce of respect to his son or anyone else with the condition. You should be ashamed of yourself... and do some research if you don't understand something instead of showing your ignorance off to the world.

Here, let me start you off with a bit of education so you can thank the "handicapped" for living in the modern world:

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