Secret Bioshock Easter Egg Revealed By Former 2K Marin Developer

Regardless of how old games may be, secret easter eggs can always show up that nobody has managed to discover over the years. The latest easter egg comes from Bioshock that was revealed in a very different kind of way.

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joab777374d ago

Kinda cool! Now make a new Bioshock! I NEED it!

NecrumOddBoy374d ago

BioShock needs to continue but it needs to not lose the heart of the original.

Infinite turned into an extremely linear shoot em up and it took away from the spirit of this universe

rainslacker374d ago

I thought Infinite had a very good story, and was well thought out. However, I do feel that it was less personal than the first two. The first two set it up so the player had to consider what was going on, whereas infinite was much more narrative and told you what you should think. I like how they had the perspective change between one and two. Going from a regular person thrown into the unkown, to playing the other side which was the threat from the first game was a nice change of pace IMO. I actually felt the 2nd game had a lot more emotion to the story.

mandingo374d ago

The first two weren’t linear? Infinite was my favorite after the first bioshock of course

ghaleon1980373d ago

I was a big fan of Bioshock infinite and the Bioshock series until...Ken Levine decide to create such a ridiculous ending to Burial at Sea 2 that was so implausible and nonsensicial that I will never recommend that entire series to anyone. It's like Levine's ego got in the way and he wanted to torpedo the Lore with that absurd "plot twist."

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moegooner88374d ago

Thank you. Prey is criminally underrated, the perfect mash up between Bioshock, and Dead Space.

SolidGear3374d ago

2K Marin has been working on a new one for many years now.

madpuppy374d ago

Bioshock devs...Would you kindly make a new Bioshock....

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Evolve374d ago

Hopefully 2K’s announced game is a new Bioshock game. Plus, Ken Levine is still working on his new game at his new studio, Ghost Story.

RedSoakedSponge374d ago

if theres a new bioshock i wish it to go back to the bioshock 1 style of survival horror ish gameplay. Infinite wasnt scary in the slightest and that was a huge part of the original.

SolidGear3374d ago

Well they announced back in 2013 that 2K Marin would be taking over the franchise and developing a new game.