Sony announced list of 2017 best selling Playstation VR games

Sony just released the list of most downloaded PSVR games in 2017, to gives us a clue about what the world is playing on Playstation VR headset.

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ArchangelMike2334d ago

I'm really surprised that Eve Valkyrie and Battlezone aren't on that list. They are really quite good.

Neonridr2334d ago

maybe those games did better physical sales wise. Who knows. EVE is a lot of fun.

DaFeelz2334d ago

No Rez??? That game was magical in VR. And Resident Evil (which didn’t make the list either) was exceptional. To all those with PSVR access and still haven’t played either of those two games in vr... you’re missing out. BIG TIME.

jukins2333d ago

That one was probably purchased more retail

MoonConquistador2334d ago

No Dirt Rally? What a fantastic experience that is in VR, far better than Driveclub.

The prices definitely influenced these choices as none of the lists featured any full price experiences (RE 7, Star Trek bridge crew and Dirt Rally as examples)

jukins2333d ago

Most of those probably sold more retail wise at least re7 and dirt rally, which is amazing with wheel and shifter/clutch. Star trek I rentedbfrom gamefly and just didn't seem to populated.

And skyrim is about as full price as it gets at $60 and it came out later in the year and still made 6

Dragonscale2333d ago

Dirt rally vr is awesome but it really got me quite badly. Daren't go back lol.

C-H-E-F2334d ago

Hmm, I suppose more of us skipped Skyrim than I thought, however the 3 games in this image aren't even in the list... I swear clickbaits be killing me.

ocelot072334d ago

Can't speak for the US. But the EU has a top 20.


Skyrim came 11th which is not bad considering it only released in November. Batman was number 1 in the EU. As for Eve I honestly don't understand how that didn't make the top 20. However, This did get a retail release in the UK.

C-H-E-F2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

ahh okay, I stand corrected.

Aenea2333d ago

I would love to try out Skyrim in VR but am not willing to play full price for it. A €15-20 addon for the regular game would've been okay for me, but not this crazy full price stuff...

Majors2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

Farpoint is a great game but hell does it screw with your head...
I can only last 30 - 40 mins max
suprised its not on the list

ocelot072334d ago

I am willing to bet most people went with the Farpoint + Aim controller bundle.

hongthay2334d ago

all of my friends who play bought the bundle, as did I. That Aim is essential for Farpoint.

jukins2333d ago

Couldn't imagine playing without aim on farpoint or any other vr shooter for that matter

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anast54d ago

I tried, but it's a poorly made game that insults its customers.

lucian22954d ago

nah, only mods make it decent, and even then it's bad, and this is after i modded for at least 3 years

Nittdarko54d ago

Funnily enough, I'm about to play it for the first time in VR with 1000 mods to make the game playable, as is the Bethesda way