The Worst Console Games of 2017

Leif: Although we usually greet the new year with positivity, we’re gonna do something different and start throwing out the worst console games of 2017. So that we greet 2018 and hope that games this year will all be good. Believe me, I would rather forget about these games than have to recall each one of them.

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mafiahajeri1389d ago

LMFAO was coming here to comment about ET. Looks like he's on something.

Sounds like a good Dave chapelle skit "ET on Meth" 😆

Fist4achin1389d ago

Awesome. I thought he was screaming!

Lighter91389d ago

They should include PC games next time.

1389d ago
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SaveFerris1389d ago

Shouldn't Life of Black Tiger be on the list?

1389d ago