Hawken Servers Closed on Steam, Staying on Consoles

Hawken, the free to play mech shooter has had its servers closed on Steam, but it will remain live on consoles.

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378d ago
ClosetRebel377d ago

I didn't even realize this game was removed from my Steam library. Bummer.

377d ago
gangsta_red377d ago

The game was a UI mess and when I actually played it was an even bigger mess

Blu3_Berry377d ago

This is exactly why only online multiplayer games won't last very long. It's important to have a single player campaign (a good one, not a throw-away trash story) or some kind of offline multiplayer mode.

sampsonon377d ago

it's doing well on console mostly because xbox gamers haven't had a good game for a few years.

DialgaMarine377d ago

I’ve played some great MP-only titles, so needing a SP isn’t really an issue, so much as it’s the developers needing to make the game good and offer content to keep people coming back.

Blu3_Berry377d ago

Hmmm, I think you hit the nail on the head right there.

Elit3Nick377d ago

When it's fighting Mechwarrior Online, another PVP mech game from a franchise with an established fan-base, it couldn't really compete. While MWO does have its issues, it has solid combat with a very generous F2P model, unlike Hawken, which forced you to use a starter mech and then buy every other one.

Frinker377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

PUBG does not need a sp campaign. Never let me catch you speaking such rot again.

Vegamyster377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

Hawken was never a very popular game, i think its peak concurrent user count was a little over 8k. There is plenty of other popular old MP games, heck the original Counter Strike has a pretty large user base lol.

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Xack377d ago

I have always been tempted to try this but never gotten around to it.Should I?