Let's Rank Super Smash Bros. Clones that are Available Now

"Nearly nineteen years ago Nintendo released the seminal game, Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo 64. In addition to the three sequels that followed, there has been a slew of clones that try to live up to Nintendo’s flagship party brawler. Although these clones aren’t as popular in the mainstream, they all bring a uniqueness and special charm to the Smash formula that has spawned a group of niche players. The games, of course, being: Rivals of Aether, Brawlout, Brawlhalla, and PlayStation All-stars Battle Royale. (although, PS All-stars’ fanbase has since dwindled) There are certainly more, but these all have unique mechanics that stand out from each other and the original." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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-Foxtrot383d ago

Smash Bros is more of less a clone of the Outfoxies anyway

-Foxtrot383d ago

Disagrees? Of course.

Look it up. Nintendo took a concept and refined it.

Just because it isn't well known or mainstream dosen't mean it didn't exist or have an impact. Credit where it's due...we probably wouldn't have had Smash Bros without it.

Majin-vegeta382d ago

What don't you know Nintendo never copies they always innovate 🙄

Cyro382d ago

The disagrees are because of the way you said it like you're trying to downplay the Smash games.

DialgaMarine382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

Nah. Remind Nintendo fans of Hydelide, and Zelda’s eerie similarity to it. That will get a full blown mob after you lol

Some people like to pretend that Nintendo only does 100% original and unique ideas, and they’ve never borrowed anything. Fact is that’s not remotely true

The 10th Rider382d ago

No special moves? Smash attacks? People aren't being killed by being incurring damage and getting knocked off the stage? Characters that are barely unique from each other? There's also a substantially bigger focus on stages and items, maybe not compared to some of what's in Smash 4 but certainly compared to Smash 64.

Sure, *maybe* Smash took some cues from it, but it's also entirely possible that two developers had ideas that were somewhat similar. I don't see how you could even remotely consider it a "clone".

Foraoise381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

I don't usually agree with you Foxtrot, but you're actually correct here. The disagreers are just bandwagonning assholes.

And since I know I'm going to be downvoted because it's fucking fanboy4g, PSASBR was fucking amazing!

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DJK1NG_Gaming382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

That nothing like Smash Bros.
Anyone who knows Smash Bros. to it's core will tell you that Super Smash Bros. was built off elements from Kirby Super Star on SNES.
Dropping through platform, Guard button, Directional attack, Multiple Jump, picking up items, and everything else.
Kirby in Smash Bros. is living proof.
Subspace Emissary in Brawl was a Kirby like game mode.

-Foxtrot382d ago

Urm...yeah it is

A battle arena type game using some moves and power up weapons to deal damage to your's the basic, grinded down concept of Smash Bros. They just took it, updated it and refined the shit out it by adding a tons more features with the newer tech.

Like I said you can't ignore it and pretend it has nothing in common when at it's core it does. The Outfoxies is a great little game and it's where they got their inspiration from, you can tell when playing it, download an emulator or something to see for your self.

DJK1NG_Gaming381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

You can't be serious....come really?
The Outfoxies has nothing to do with Smash Bros. it neither created nor started the genre.
If the game was mega popular like Dragon Quest is to JRPG then you will have a point.

Super Smash Bros. is nothing like that game.
Seem to me you're desperate to downplay Smash Bros, to make these clones of Smash Bros. feel better about being in the genre.

If that how you feel then why doesn't all these games copy The Outfoxies?
Oh right they never heard of it

Jaypi03382d ago

It's easier to disagree than to take time and get educated on a topic.

-Foxtrot382d ago

I think the issue is anytime it’s Nintendo people get defensive and think you’re downplaying or worse saying the Nintendo product in question is shit when you haven’t said that

Read, react, disagee, move on

Prince_TFK382d ago

The thing is, what is Outfoxies? I doubt alot of people even know that game.

Smash Bros is not the first of it kind, but it is the most popular one and is the one that put the genre on the map. So naturally people gonna hold it as the standard.

NotoriousWhiz382d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if the developers behind smash never heard of Outfoxies when they created Smash bros.

DJK1NG_Gaming381d ago

of course. The man created Kirby which is what Smash Bros. is a platformer.
The main draw for the story mode in Brawl.

The 10th Rider381d ago

Outfoxies also has a substantially bigger focus on stages and items. Like, the game isn't very similar outside of being a 2d fighting game. In Outfoxies there's no special moves or smash attacks, just a couple base attacks, a bunch of items you pick up, and a bunch of stage hazards. The stages are also substantially bigger than any of the stages in Smash 64 and the stages in Smash 64 had almost no stage hazards. There's no "ledges" really in the game because you're not trying to knock your opponent off the stage.

Outfoxies and Super Smash Bros are about as similar as 2 different 2D platformers . . . like classic Sonic and classic Mario . . . barely the same at all.

It can be fun to point out the similarities, but anyone that thinks that Smash was in any way a ripoff of Outfoxies is really stretching. At best a few of the developers had played it a couple times, but a lot of game developers don't spend a ton of time playing games so it's actually pretty likely none had even heard of it.

Lord_Sloth381d ago

Most of them probably didn't read your post so much as clicked disagree simply because it's you.

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Wrex369382d ago

I liked All-Stars on Vita. Having that on the go with P-4 and Gravity Rush really really made the Vita worth it. Brawlout on Switch has been nice too.

Majin-vegeta382d ago

I'm so pissed we didn't get Dart feld cuz the dlc was cancelled😡😡

NotoriousWhiz382d ago

I'm waiting for that brawlout update. Matchmaking sucks right now.

382d ago
DialgaMarine382d ago

All I can say is that I hope Sony is planning on a PS All Stars 2. So much potential for greatness in that sequel if it’s done right.

NotoriousWhiz382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

They need to make it more like Smash bros. The whole fight to build meter and hope your special lands was kind of.... meh.

DialgaMarine382d ago

True, but it was the main thing that set it apart from Smash Bros, and was fairly unique to the genre. I’m not all that against them keeping the Super meter system, but I would definitely like to see more characters, unlockable characters, unlockable stages, an actual adventure mode similar to sub space emissary, more multiplayer content, and maybe some extra modes like survival. Sounds like a tall order, but it’s mostly standard stuff for a sequel.

The first game was fun, but it just felt like a beta for something that could’ve been so much more. If Sony can land some high profile characters like Crash, Sypro, and Cloud, as well as more of their own roster, the game could be something that can compete with Smash.

Jinger382d ago

Um, it seems you have forgotten Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends...

Scar-381d ago

There are alot of gamers here that live up inside Nintendo's @$$ and they only come out to aid the defense force or troll. This is from another website "it doesn't matter if it has iconic characters or not, the fact remains Smash Bros. is not the first of it's kind. Even the whole crossover fighting concept didn't start with Smash Bros., as King of Fighters had that first too." Smash Brothers ISN'T ORIGINAL. Disagrees don't change facts or history.