Microsoft Discontinues Xbox One Kinect Adapter

When the Xbox One first debuted the biggest target for criticism was the bundled Kinect. Many argued that playing $100 more for a device that should be optional was outrageous. Ultimately Microsoft offered a $100 cheaper Xbox One bundle without the Kinect and eventually, the device fell into obscurity. Now Microsoft has hammered the last nail in the Kinect coffin, discontinuing the adaptor.

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yumi76382d ago

Ah, Kinect we hardly even knew you yet you still managed to overstay your welcome.

morganfell381d ago

But I can't get that image out of my head. And yet, some people still believed.

yumi76381d ago

I don't know which is more unfortunate, that Microsoft actually thought that Kinect could actually be a functional replacement for the controller or that millions of people actually bought it.

darthv72380d ago

The tech was sound but the gaming use not so much. Ive seen some impressive non gaming uses.

This adapter is going for crazy prices now because of this announcement. The kinect unit is super cheap but that adapter for the S and X is gonna cost ya.

Gamist2dot0380d ago

Just like the power of the cloud...

windblowsagain380d ago

lol kinect was fail from day 1.

GaboonViper380d ago

Oh God that was so cringe watching that LMAO.

morganfell380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

"The tech was sound..."

No it wasn't.

Just stop it with the defense mode. Its absurd when the truth is so obvious. Thank goodness everyone is beginning to see what we many of us have recognized in your comments for a very long time.

Time and time again the tech failed and MS was forced to fake presentations. They lied en masse to the world again and again and again about kinect.

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threefootwang381d ago

This was one of the reasons why I left Xbox in the first place, definitely not upset by this news.

380d ago
PhoenixUp382d ago

Just when you thought Kinect couldn’t get deader

Meanwhile PS Camera continues to be relevant

fiveby9381d ago

Fwiw, I do think X1 can use more USB cameras now for video conf. I do wonder if MS will ever support VR via 3rd party such as Oculus. That system does not use a camera though.

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PhantomS42381d ago

To be fair, were it not for PSVR the PS Camera would also be very irrelevant but Kinect was a pretty interesting concept but horribly managed.

fiveby9381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

Perhaps the one interesting feature left from the Kinect is the voice commands which are still useable with any mic..

PhoenixUp381d ago

@ Phantom

Absolutely not. The PlayRoom feature made PS Camera a very popular device even before PSVR came along. No way in hell was Sony going to discontinue a successful product.

PhoenixUp380d ago

Indeed. PS Camera already had so much functionality.

New Xbox One owners who want to livestream with video are screwed

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GaboonViper382d ago

Good riddance, it had the potential but MS failed to deliver on their lofty promises.

chiefJohn117381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

Nah it simply met it end. Gimmicks come and go. Motion gaming was a last gen thing. That's why the Wii and Kinect 1.0 had great sales but was irrelevant this gen. Btw what promises did they make with Kinect? Cause I wasn't buying it period, I had no use or urge for it. Rather my favorite games supported it or not (Not a fan of motion or voice gaming)

Christopher381d ago

There was a marketing video they put out showing people playing instruments in the air, saying that the individual finger tracking would be good enough to detect such minute gestures and associate it with placement on the neck of a violin or the keys of a keyboard.

It was bad marketing on that part.

I was very happy when they removed Kinect from the Xbox One boxes.

chiefJohn117380d ago

@Chris really cool tech but even then I don't get why that would hype someone up. Idk I simply have no interest in motion gaming. Air drumming really makes ppl wanna buy? I just don't get it but to each their own. Give me a tv and a controller I'mma a classic guy.

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rainslacker380d ago

Think they only delivered one game that actually used the Kinect. There were a few 3rd party games, but when Fighter Within becomes the poster child for just how bad motion control games can be, it doesn't help the device at all. They could have done more, but even before they removed it from the Xbox as a requirement, they barely seemed to care about delivering support for it. At least with the 360's Kinect they gave it good support, and managed to get good 3rd party support.

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