Do Adult Games Handle Sex Well?

Catherine is a game that deals with a lot of mature issues. After all, its focused on a guy who is cheating on his girlfriend with another woman! Does it handle the topics of sex, relationships, and gender well?

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TomatoDragon384d ago (Edited 384d ago )

Handle it well according to whom? There is no textbook answer on how to handle the topic of sex. Some are fine with the subject, others get the heeby jeebies. I'd venture to say that the heeby jeeby crowd would do best to steer clear of a game like Catherine.
There will never be an answer to something like this, or similar topics, because it's subjective , and at any rate, developers aren't beholden to change the vision of their game in an attempt to make everyone content, because that is quite literally an impossible task.

At any rate...can't wait to pick this new version up.

FlyingFoxy384d ago (Edited 384d ago )

I remember reading some anime reviews and some giving low scores because of the fan service, i don't get that, why watch it if they know there's sexual content in it? Older teen / Adult anime can be full of it. It should be expected, they also go way above what's shown in Western animation, which is why i like anime too.

Then when it comes to controversial anime they whine over that too.

Yet everyone seems fine with shows like Rick & Morty that has constant swearing in it and critics call it "clever"

Dumbass world we live in if you ask me anyways.

Godmars290384d ago

No. You either get something involving an over abundance of fluids among any number of bodies, or a couple who just had off-screen sex while still in their underwear. There is no in-between.

BadElf384d ago

And then the moment the man pulls out...there is no left over, "half" erection.

bluefox755384d ago

It's always depicted awkwardly, but I think that's more about technology limitation. As far as the topic itself, depends who you ask, different people have different ideas how how sex should be handled.

Godmars290384d ago

More like because parents either can't read or don't care about ESRB ratings, adult rated games being unsalable because of the legal issues they'd stir up, you don't get "sensibly" presented or scripted adult scenes. Just college dorm to school yard mentality jokes.

FlyingFoxy384d ago

Well some parents are moronic enough to buy GTA for their kids, what do you expect.

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Cobra951384d ago

No, mostly because of the social taboos involved. Major studios and creative talent generally avoid it, so the field is left to rank amateurs, with questionable results.

I'm just answering the question as written. Catherine is not really an adult game in terms of overt sexuality.

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