Tony Hawk’s designer: 'the suits decided people don't want skateboarding games'

From PlayStation Universe: "The original designer of the Tony Hawk's games talks about the history of the franchise and the future of the Pro Skate series."

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NecrumOddBoy288d ago

THPS5 sucked and so did every TH game since THUG. Make better games

PHOSADRA288d ago

I loved American Wasteland

PeaSFor288d ago

i adored THPS1,2,3,4 & Project 8.....that said i always prefered Thrasher:Skate&Destroy.

madforaday287d ago

I still play American Wasteland, just got 16 million on a improv run in Kyoto.

Profchaos288d ago

5 sucked because the level designers thought people just wanted small skate parks with nothing hidden instead of the grand expensive levels like the prison in thps4 or school In thps2.

The biggest let down of 5 outside of the bugs was entirely level design it was like they made everything in the old create a park mode.
Next to that the missions were terrible nothing new outside of the first level rinse and repeat missions throughout.

Activision was like we're out of time quickly throw together a game make it cell shades so we can literally get it out the door in a month

PlayableGamez-288d ago

American Wasteland was awesome.

NarooN288d ago

THUG1 was great and my overall favorite, THUG2 had great gameplay but had a shitty story and atmosphere. All downhill from THUG2.

madforaday287d ago

I don't think ANYONE played THPS for the story lol

NarooN286d ago

I didn't play the games *for* the story but it having a good story doesn't hurt the game at all. THUG1 had a good one and then THUG2 shat all over it (quite literally in some cases.) Oh well.

PurpHerbison287d ago

I always felt like they started going downhill after THPS4. Netplay was so fun back in the day.

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The7Reaper288d ago

I was all aboard the hype train for THPS5 but then I played that steaming turd, maybe next time don't rush out a crappy unfinished game.

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PurpHerbison287d ago

Yeah it really sucks but I mean, I get it. "Everybody else rushes products and makes money, we might as well do the same!" WOMP WOMP

TheSplooge288d ago

Who cares? Your games haven't exactly been that great after the PS1/2 days.

TheSplooge288d ago


EA or not, its still a better game lol.

madforaday287d ago


Two totally different games, one was a combo based game with over the top moves, the other was more grounded in reality.

Cyro288d ago

Well if we get trash after trash for years, what do you expect?

Kosic288d ago

When you release a basic skating game then continue to make the same game every year, same engine, same missions, almost same levels. Who isn't going to be bored of the franchise.

The game is an arcade skater and it's just boring to play. Believe my last Tony Hawk's game I tried was project 8 and it was terrible.

After EA released Skate. There was no going back to a lack luster game from Activision.

I'd be up for skate 4, or another title that uses a similar control scheme (unsure on sessions).

yellowgerbil288d ago

Hey at least project 8 showed the world Clubfoot by Kasiaban

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