Okay, Nintendo: Where the Heck is the Switch’s Virtual Console?

Whether it’s because Nintendo is waiting for their online plans to fall into place or if there are technical and legal constraints to overcome, they’ll probably have whatever their reasoning is for keeping older games off the Switch resolved before long. The ideal solution — a proper Virtual Console — will hopefully be here sooner rather than later.

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strayanalog342d ago

The Switch really is the perfect place to play older Nintendo titles, but the lack of the Virtual Console service doesn't feel like it's so much the right time as it is finding the right moment. It's definitely coming, as sure as death and remakes, but I don't think their focused on that right now.
From a company standpoint those Console Classics make good money, with more minis on the way in a few more months, so there's no need to rush any virtual service.‎
Nintendo most likely wants us to enjoy what we have currently, whether it's their titles or pushing third party software, which is important.‎
Some might even venture to say that the lack of a Virtual Console right now may be a good thing, which might be pushing the Big N to bring out other titles. Maybe they're holding the Virtual Console back for their online service? Maybe they're launching it sooner than that? We don't know yet, obviously, but it's sure to be an interesting year for the Switch.‎

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Sono421341d ago

There's no such thing as "the right moment" I mean I understand you might want to launch it when they have nothing coming out, but either way people are going to eat up these games in droves. Me I just want Gamecube games on it.. it seriously needs to happen, i don't care about anything else. I am not going to buy my favorite Nintendo classics AGAIN, i've already been dumb enough to buy the overpriced classics multiple times but not again, just give me gamecube games on the go and we're good Nintendo, I will throw my money at you again.

strayanalog341d ago

Sure there is. Gaming history is ripe with "right moments," but that's neither here nor there.

Agreed. No doubt we'll pay for those games in droves, but I hope Nintendo works something out where games can be transferred over from previous products.
I would bet Gamecube games will be making an appearance, so that should be interesting. I don't blame you for wanting them on the go, because that purple lunchbox had some killer titles.

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TheUndertaker85341d ago

The odds of no cost affiliated with virtual console seems small at best. Physical media isn't going to work because of the lack of a disc drive. Switch also containing a different cart compared to 3DS doesn't help either.

On top of the profits remasters/"classics" make.

Sono421341d ago


Heck yeah it did! Pokemon Colosseum/XD (Which if you ask me is the direction they should take with the next Pokemon Switch game) Luigi's Mansion, Mario Sunshine, Smash bros Melee(If they added online that would be insane but I doubt it) Mario Kart Double Dash (same thing hopefully online multi but doubt) Kriby Air ride (which seriously needs a sequel so frickin bad!) Paper Mario TTYD (The last truly great Paper Mario if you ask me) and The legend of Zelda Twilight Princess (Also the last Zelda I thought to be actually truly amazing) was never really a fan of Windwaker but I know a lot of people are. Then don't even get me started on the Prime series, ugh, I already bought the trilogy for the Wii but man i'd probably buy them again, just so good! I know 3 was on the Wii but I feel like they should release the whole trilogy on the VC especially with Prime 4 coming to the Switch.

indysurfn341d ago

I got their Virtual console right here.

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TheOttomatic91342d ago

They don't need to they'll just keep making classic minis and keep raking in that nostalgia cash.

joab777342d ago

It will have one when it's good and ready. Nintendo isn't held to the same standard as MS and Sony. They do what they want when they want and how they want.

Sono421341d ago

Are you saying they don't listen to what their consumers want and just do whatever they want?

Segata342d ago

It will be launched with the new online service IMO.

wonderfulmonkeyman341d ago

Agreed; either on launch of the new online service or shortly after it.

awdevoftw342d ago

They are probably struggling with letting you transfer the games you bought, or charge you again for the same game.

DJK1NG_Gaming341d ago

It's not possible the transfer you purchased games from 3DS or Wii U because Switch eShop isn't the same. The only shared feature is your account and balance.

xX1NORM1Xx341d ago

They did it with the wii to wii u but you needed both consoles and you had to pay the diffrence between the wii version and the wii u version.

Sirk7x341d ago

As far as I understand, it does get very complicated as far as licensing goes. That and having to develop new emulators and retest software, probably a big undertaking.

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