Nioh has the Best Combat of 2017, Period.

In a year inundated by sprawling, open-world epics, no game did straight-up combat better than Team Ninja’s Samurai-Souls-like, Nioh.

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UCForce1976d ago

It’s combination of Bloodborne and Ninja Gaiden which I love. It is my favorite game on PS4. More importantly, the game exceeded my expectations.

Nitrowolf21975d ago

Games great and far more than a Souls clone as many believe.

I thought Nier had some amazing combat to, so for me its a split between the two

Heavenly King1974d ago

Ninja Gaiden is the father of the "Souls" genre, so they cant be copying a souls game.

Damthatsword1974d ago

Heavenly king:

you are factually wrong actually.

1974d ago
Zeke681974d ago

@ Heavenly King

Demon Souls started the modern Souls genre, nothing else. If you think because Ninja Gaiden Sigma for instance, uses the "same" 3rd person view you haven't grasped what make a Soulsgame a Soulgame imho.

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343_Guilty_Spark1974d ago

I love NiOh. I thought it was better than Bloodborne personally.

UltraNova1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Blasphemy!!! Hehe

I've put in well over 300hrs in BB and over 150 in Nioh. There are certain aspects that help differentiate the two in combat mechanics. Nioh has the deeper and more complex system (stances) whereas BB has the trick weapons and the better evading mechanic + the weapon reposte is a thing of dreams.

That said Nioh's stance system is a bit too much at times forcing players to.stick to one of the three for the majority of the game

I like Nioh very much, but I absolutely love BB.

Both sequels cant come soon enough!

Damthatsword1974d ago

naah. not by a trillion miles too.

joab7771974d ago

My personal GotY, or the game I had the best time playing. It mixed my love of rpg, Souls and mmo-ish endgame content almost perfectly.

Yeah, it can be improved upon, and Id love to see a sequel add in more mp content, but it is one of 2017's best. And great for Souls fans who are bored.

StrawberryDiesel4201974d ago

I have to agree. It's absolutely phenomenal. Too bad some gamers will never experience Nioh or Bloodborne. They are the best action RPGs this generation along with Demons and Dark Souls.

Dirtnapstor1974d ago

Loving Nioh! It’s tough indeed, but it’s origins are way older than Souls or Bloodborne. Straight out of the PS2 Onimusha handbook. This is a good thing.

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1976d ago
FTLmaster1976d ago

ELEX wants to say hi. (Seriously, though, I liked elex but it’s not in the same league as Nioh combat-wise)

SamPao1975d ago

You may like elex for its rpg elements but combat wise its a joke compared to Nioh.
This year I enjoyed Horizons combat the most, but that is a very different game.

PygmelionHunter1975d ago

Nioh is a fantastic game overall! Certainly in my top 10 this year!

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