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Level-5 hasn’t really done much with Switch thus far. But in 2018, that should be changing. 4Gamer spoke with Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino, who spoke about plans for next year.

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Aceman18295d ago

Cool, I can't wait they've made some great games for PlayStation over the years. Would love to see what the do for Switch.

itBourne293d ago

They need to focus on a freaking Dark Cloud 3 for ps4...

mikeslemonade293d ago

Please no 3rd party games on the switch unless they’re small budget games.

indysurfn293d ago

Dark Cloud is not a system seller. I think they are really going to be behind SWITCH. Because if your taking 60% in your first year. And companies know that your sales jump higher each year after launch. Then they know they had better get the games that have for the Japanese audience onto the SWITCH FAST! They need to snatch up the JRPG fans faster than the competition.

Kingthrash360293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

Nintendo has over 350 games already
What do they mean by "not done much"?
3rd party games that are big...
Mario rabbids
NBA 2k18
Fifa 18
Sonic forces
Lego undercover
Lego marvel
Lego ninjago
Lego worlds
Desgia 5
WWE 2k18
Nights of Azure
Yooka laylee
Gear club
L.A. Noire
Batman telltale
One price unlimited
Dragon Ball z xenoverse 2
Ultra street fighter
Lost sphear
NBA playgrounds
Wonder boy
Fast rmx....

To name a few all in under 9 months on the market. Not to mention having 2 of the highest rated exclusives this generation on any console....I mean not done much just bull.
It's the xbox that hasn't done much this year....the switch launched more exclusives in 9 months than xbox has in 2 years...smh

Prince_TFK293d ago

“Please no 3rd party games on the switch unless they’re small budget games.”

Said the troll who doesn’t even own a Switch and had been known to troll in all Nintendo’s articles.

I should make it a habit to call out trolls like you.

King Nezz293d ago

Just curious, what console do you think mikeslemonade has?

295d ago
Ashlen295d ago

I think it's likely that going forward a lot of Japanese games will be on both the Switch and the PS4. It makes a lot of sense for games that will see there largest sales in Japan where the Switch it's the hottest console and the PS4 sells really well too.

It's unlikely that companies that do WW releases will ever abandon the PS4 this gen however, just due to the volume of PS4's sold globally.

DJK1NG_Gaming295d ago (Edited 295d ago )

This isn't new for Level-5.
Majority of their games in the last decade were Nintendo exclusive.
It would say about 80% of them were.

The only multiplatform was Ni No Kuni which was DS and PS3, Time Travelers which was 3DS and Vita and now the upcoming Ni No Kuni which is PC and PS4, Inazuma Eleven Ares which is Switch, PC and PS4.

They rarely do multiplatform.

Ashlen294d ago

That's not an untrue statement.

septemberindecember294d ago

Well, there are certain games that likely wouldn't sell on the PS4 the same way that they would on Switch. For example, Yo-Kai Watch. I'm not sure how that title would do on the PS4, but I bet it'd fit a bit nicer on the Switch. Not to say Level-5 is going to ditch the PS4 altogether, but they might not release that title on the PS4.

Ashlen294d ago

This isn't a disagree in anyway. But I think it might do better in Japan on the Switch as a mobile game. But globally it would do better on the PS4. I don't know much about Yokai Watch other than the FFXIV event is really popular heh.

DJK1NG_Gaming294d ago

Trust me. Yokai Watch will not do better on PS4 at all.

Segata293d ago

Yokai is very much a game made for handhelds.

TheGamez100293d ago

Yes, please leave the 3ds behind.

indysurfn293d ago

I like 3ds but I gave two as gifts and lost mine when I was moving (it still may be in once of those boxes) anyway everything moving on to SWITCH faster than planned would be awesome.

EddieNX 293d ago

so it begins! Japanese Devs focusing on Switch 😆

indysurfn293d ago

I swear I thought of those EXACT words before I saw your comment. I wanted to see if anyone was thinking the same thing and hear you SAID it HOURS ago. :)

gangsta_red293d ago

I said this in the very beginning of the Switch release that it had the potential to be the go to console for Japanese games, especially JRPGs.

Low cost of production, no worries of providing HD/4k assets and the bonus of portability makes the Switch very attractive to Japanese developers as well as the gamers there.

EddieNX 292d ago

all so true and I believe it will be the go to place for 90% of Japanese Devs.

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