SNK's 2018 Plans Include New Console and Mobile Games, and More KOFXIV Content

Famed Japanese website has interviewed Yasuyuki Oda about what to expect from SNK in 2018. His answer will make SNK fans very excited.

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gangsta_red346d ago

It'll probably be another retro SNK console which is pointless because SNK puts their older games on every console, refrigerator, stove and toaster out there.

We need a new KoF with Guilty type graphics! Start work on a new Metal Slug or Ikari Warriors hand drawn style!

Heavenly King345d ago

The games need to be in 3D so that they can actually do a lot more things faster. Sprite drawing takes to much time.

gangsta_red345d ago

But sprite drawn is so much in style with the Slug series and looks absolutely gorgeous. Maybe make the Ikari games 3D but I would want them to keep Metal Slug sprite based.

CrimsonWing69345d ago

You do realize the Guilty Gear games are now 3D models and not sprite work, right?

superchiller345d ago

SNK did not release the Neo Geo X, they just licensed the IP to Tommo, which did a poor job on the product (dull muted handheld screen quality, blurry dull HDMI output quality). I'd love to see a mini retro console built around the classic Neo Geo games, and designed at the quality level of the SNES Classic Edition, including the solid HDMI output quality found in that mini console.

gangsta_red345d ago

Interesting, did not know that. A retro console might be cool for collectors but in all honesty with SNK releasing most of their games for consoles anyways I see no reason for them to do it.

SickSinceSix345d ago

After reading the article they mean a new console game and a new mobile game, not a new console. The article's headline was just worded poorly.

gangsta_red345d ago

Yup, I did not read the actual article either (shame on me).

I hope the rumors of a new NeoGeo Battle Coliseum is true and I hope that a new SNK vs Capcom Chaos will happen since they need another stab at that.

PS3gamer4life345d ago

We need capcom vs SNK 3 Online

345d ago
Enturax345d ago

metal slug Metal Slug METAL SLUG METALSLUG M E T A L S L U G we need a new METAL SLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUG!!!!!!!!!!! !

reaper602345d ago

Give us a new legit Samurai Showdown game SNK!

superchiller345d ago

Agreed! And preferably not in 3D.

gangsta_red345d ago

Would love that, I would also love to see a western release of a sequel to the underrated Samurai Showdown RPG.

CrimsonWing69345d ago

I’ll support you. What I wish is you’d do a damn arcade compilation disc.

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