CEMU 1.11.3 - Here are Bayonetta 2, Pokken Tournament, Zelda and more running with 60fps

DSOGaming writes: "As we’ve already informed you, a new major version of CEMU has been released to all Patreon members. CEMU 1.11.3 adds support for multi-threaded CPU emulation, thus improving overall performance on a variety of PC systems. And below you can find Bayonetta 2, Pokken Tournament, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Zelda: The Wind Waker HD running with 60fps."

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greywolf39382d ago

Who even cares for fckin emulators

naji2004382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

"Emulator" means a discontinued console will live forever.

greywolf39382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

Support the Developer and Brand by buying the game. Like me and many other People. You can never get the same experience on emulated pc like you can on original console

letsa_go382d ago

Greywolf39, that is true. Wii U would never be able to play these games at 4k/60. So yeah, you won't get a wii u experience, you will get an even better one.

hamzilla382d ago

Wrong again tinkerbell.... It's called software feat of strength that they have made this even possible. I have a Wii U but I enjoy the games off the emulator way more when playing them 2560x1440 144hz or 4K.

382d ago
elkaki123382d ago

Are you implying you have a 4k 144HZ monitor?

BioDead382d ago

Or just buy one like I did.

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UKRsoldja382d ago

People that want to play Nintendo games with good visuals care..

MWH382d ago

Take a chill pill 💊

Travis3708382d ago

Wish I could play Skyward Sword and I wonder if the Twilight Princess remake is on this emulator?

letsa_go382d ago

Use Dolphin emulator for skyward sword, it looks good at higher resolutions. Also, yes Twilight Princess remaster is in the CEMU emulator.

382d ago
hamzilla382d ago

Twilight Princess HD works and works well on the latest CEMU

il-JumperMT382d ago

stop approving articles that promote piracy

letsa_go382d ago

It isn't piracy if you already own the games

Cyro382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

That's false unless you're ripping your own games yourself and even then.

382d ago
maybelovehate382d ago

It isn't promoting piracy. It is promoting playing the games we bought in the best format possible. I own all the games I use on CEMU.

Athos382d ago

Read a EULA and see if it's legal. Doubt me? Call Nintendo, give them your name and address and tell them how much you enjoy doing this. Let's see how well that works out for you smart guy.

Imalwaysright382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

@ Athos

Nintendo aren't legislators. Emulators are not illegal. If there is anything that could be illegal are the roms that you download from the internet.

hamzilla382d ago

@Athos looks like you need to change your name to Tinkerbell. Smfh

382d ago