Why Bayonetta 3 Is a Step Down From Its Predecessor

Many fans have been expressing their disappointment with Bayonetta 3. Here's why the recently released game is a clear step down from Bayonetta 2.

MadLad174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

Yet the Switch is much more powerful than the Wii U - the platform the second game released on. So you're just being negative to be negative with that comment.

anast174d ago

The voice acting wasn't as good...

jBlakeeper174d ago

Bayonetta herself doesn’t even look as good design wise.

-Foxtrot173d ago

I thought they focused on big kaiju like fights which felt gimmicky and thy brought this new character in to try and get away from the leading star


I mean they pretty much killed 3 big characters. They killed Jeanne, Luka and Bayonetta herself and it's not the fact they died it's how they died, we've seen Jeanne and Bayonetta survive countless things yet they go out by the lamest ways possible.