Media Create Sales: 12/18-12/24

The latest Media Create Sales calculations are in. Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings as well as The Idolmaster: Stella Stage debut.

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DJK1NG_Gaming348d ago

Not surprising to see Nintendo dominate December in Japan. One more week and it will or could pass the Wii U lifetime in Japan. Then the Vita and PS4 next.

Let's see how long til this get approved.

ZeekQuattro348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

Lets put it this way. You'll sooner see our comments flagged as inappropriate for suggesting this place is slow to approve media create articles during weeks where Nintendo is dominating. lol Anyway another nice bump for the Switch. 250,000+ this time around. Even Arms and 1 2 Switch are getting back in on the action. Most impressive.

Gameseeker_Frampt346d ago

I get a kick out of this pathetic theory Nintendo fanboys have concocted around Media Create sales articles here on N4G. Let us go back a year and see how long it took for Media Create sales articles took to get approved.

Seems like all those weeks that Sony was dominating took just as long to get approved as the articles do today and longer in many cases. What is interesting is that none of you Nintendo fanboys gave a damn about Media Create sales before the Switch came along. Look at how few comments there are in all of those articles. The last one were Pokemon and 3DS dominated everything - not a single comment. You'll also notice that none of the contributors whinging now about Media Create sales articles ever approved Media Create sales before the Switch came along (and most often still don't).

How about taking the test and becoming a contributor yourself instead of making up pathetic conspiracy theories?

michellelynn0976348d ago

Well, let's get this approved.

michellelynn0976347d ago

It is still not approved. Neither us mine. Sigh

The 10th Rider348d ago

Switch outsold everything else combined. 4 times as many Switches sold as PS4s. Not only are all but 4 titles in the top 20 on Nintendo platforms, over half of the top 20 are Nintendo *published* games. Switch is now at 3,178,100, one more week similar to the past few (which it should have no problem with) and it'll be past the Wii U in Japan. The PS4 has sold 1,781,547 in Japan this year and with two less months of sales the Switch will have sold nearly double that . . . all while supply constrained. The Switch should cross the PS4 in Japan sometime next year and then it will have the largest install base there of any current console with the exception of the 3DS, which is on its way out. That's pretty impressive when you also consider that the Switch is the newest console there and has the longest life ahead of it.

Many Japanese titles will be on their way to Switch. We've already got Valkyria Chronicles, Tales of, Ace Attorney, Shin Megami Tensei, Project Octopath (from the Bravely Default devs), Bayonetta, No More Heroes, Dragon Quest, and more confirmed. From here on out Switch will be the best place to get your hands on Japanese games. That's pretty significant when you consider the number of exclusive titles the 3DS and PSV got from Japan and that some of the best non-Nintendo titles of the year, Nioh, Neir, and Persona V, were from Japan.

Hugodastrevas347d ago

"From here on out Switch will be the best place to get your hands on Japanese games."

In Japan maybe, in the rest of the world the PS4 is the way to go based on fanbase size and the sales of the games you mentioned (Nioh, Nier, and Persona V), in fact Persona 5 sold better than any other Shin Megami Tensei before.

Japan isn't the only market, in fact it isn't the most important one, that would be China (a huge virgin untapped market that just became available after over a decade of console ban).

The 10th Rider347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

So, I made a comment that Switch will be the best place to get your hands on Japanese games, because most Japanese games from here on out will be available on Switch . . . and you respond by pointing out that previously-released, PS4 exclusive Japanese games have sold best on PS4? And by comparing the sales of one series to another series (Shin Megami Tensei and Persona)?

How does that even argue against the fact that a console that does significantly better than other current consoles in Japan will likely get the most Japanese games? Just because a number of Japanese developed games have sold decently worldwide on one platform doesn't mean those same games can't also come to another platform. Games such as those will likely come to the Switch in the future . . . but not necessarily as exclusives. Just because Japanese developers tap into the Switch install base doesn't mean they have to ignore the PS4's.

Also, how in the world does China factor into that? Yes they're a larger market to sell a console too, but a console has yet to be successful there. Evidently you're not aware that the PS4 and Xbox already launched in China years ago and they're struggling like fish out of water. The Switch is the only one that has yet to launch there so if any console could have a sudden breakout success there it would be the Switch.

Hugodastrevas347d ago

@the 10th rider You implied the Switch would be the primary concern of japanese developers and i replied that that makes no sense as the PS4 is a much more reliable choice worldwide (where most of us get games from), Persona 5 is part of the Shin Megami Tensei series.

It might get most japanese games, or it might get most japanese games in japan only like in past Nintendo consoles.
It's success in the Japanese Market means nothing but a healthy return to form for non-japanese gamers.

China factors a lot like you said "Yes they're a larger market to sell a console too, but a console has yet to be successful there", the first console to break that market will make a killing.
"Evidently you're not aware that the PS4 and Xbox(...)and they're struggling like fish out of water." Oh I'm well aware, as I am aware that the first console to shift the paradigm will own the largest market in the world.

So are Sony and Microsoft.

The 10th Rider346d ago


Persona is certainly related to Shin Megami Tensei and part of the same franchise . . . but it's as much part of the same series as Mario Kart, Mario Party, Super Mario Bros, and Paper Mario are. Same franchise, separate series.

Also, the PS4 is has a much larger install base worldwide, but many Japanese games do not have worldwide appeal. Even in regards to the ones that do, they will likely *additionally* come to Switch.

You're also ignoring that many games and series that were formerly being put out for 3DS or Playstation Vita are moving on to Switch. That alone basically guarantees that the Switch will be getting the largest share of Japanese games. Adding in the console games that were previously coming to the PS4 (Dragon Quest, Valkyria Chronicles, Tales of . . .) is just icing on the cake.

Knushwood Butt347d ago

Yes, the Switch sold a lot of hardware.

However, do you think Bandai Namco are impressed with 16K for One Piece?

The 10th Rider347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

A four year old title that performed poorly on every console it launched for except the 3DS? Have you bothered to look at the sales of the same game on PS3, PSV, Wii U, or even PS4?

It took over a year to hit 650,000 on four platforms and like 60% of those sales were on 3DS. That means in about a year it sold about 250,000 across three platforms. That means in a year it likely sold less than 80,000 per platform on PSV, PS3 and Wii U.

Considering all of that and that it's a 4 year old title, 16,000 really isn't bad.

Also it launched on PS4 around the same time as it did on Switch and didn't fair any better, lol. You're not helping your case.

Knushwood Butt347d ago

You didn't answer the question.

Gemmol347d ago

Bandai Namco will be fine, look at Dragon Ball Xenoverse for Switch it came out 1 year after the ps4 version and its only 15,000 sales away from passing the PS4 version......

trust and believe Bandai is noticing those sales, they are probably wondering how is it possible for Dragonball Xenoverse for switch catch up to ps4 version.............and the ps4 version do not even chart no more, so if it stays on the chart, it could pass the ps4 end of this year or early next year

no matter how you look at it..........3rd party Japanese developers will have to put their games on the Switch if they want to sell their games in Japan...........persona got most of its sales in the west, theres a chance Switch can change things and give Japanese developers a chance to sell games to their own people

Even Fifa on Switch in Japan is 10 to 15k away from passing the ps4 version

this is just the start bro......and crazy part Switch doing all of this with less hardware Bandai eyes is wide open right now......they probably having trouble closing their eyes because of the sales potential they see

gangsta_red346d ago


I'm positive 10th Rider did answer your question.

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Hugodastrevas346d ago

@the 10th rider Persona 5 shares around 90% of shin megami tensei elements including systems and monster collecting, and expands it, it's undeniable how much more popular SMT franchise is on a PlayStation platform than a Nintendo one.

The Switch being popular in Japan in no way guarantees localization to other countries.

The PS4 is clearly the platform to go for mass appeal.

EddieNX 348d ago

Switch is just stomping everything in Japan. it's the future over there .

Istolla348d ago

Wow, Nintendo is just running away with Japan.

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