Left 4 Dead Voice Actor Passes Away

The extremely talented voice actor Jim French who brought characters like Bill from Left 4 Dead and Grigori from Half-Life 2 to life sadly passes away.

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Sam Fisher385d ago

His famous quote "they're changing!"..... this phrase will never disappear is the best qoutes i history

385d ago
-Foxtrot385d ago

Aw shame...well there goes him ever coming back foe L4D3

I was hoping they would have made the DLC in L4D2 non canon and just continue on from the first game with the original survivors. Their different personalities made the game what it was...unlike the ones in L4D2

ccgr385d ago

Lots of talent lost this year

Travis3708385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

Why did they never make a new L4D? I would throw money at that anyday. R.I.P tho

StrawberryDiesel420385d ago

Because Valve is useless regarding game development these days. They only care about money(Steam) and not their fans (no third entry in either Half Life or Left4Dead). Too bad...I would personally buy a L4D3 day one.

On topic....Bill was a great character. Loved the banter between him and Francis. I will have to play this weekend. RIP

FlyingFoxy385d ago

Yeah it has always annoyed me, L4D and Killing Floor have been my favorite series in zombie like games for years.

There are hardly any games that are like L4D, such a shame nothing has turned up yet, there's still a lot more they could do with the series IMO.

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