Spyro the Dragon Unreal Engine 4 fan remake is now available for download

Valefor has released his Spyro the Dragon Unreal Engine 4 fan remake. As he noted, this tech demo has been created to show the potential of a Spyro remake in a modern-day engine.

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Relientk771273d ago

Downloading, love it

Still waiting on the Spyro the Dragon Trilogy HD Remakes for PS4

Eidolon1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

What trilogy. First two were the only good ones. What makes it "the" trilogy.. like if they had any sort of correlation as a series besides having Spyro. There were a lot more than 3 games.

NotanotherReboot1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

back off dude, year of the dragon was the best one

Also, because the first 3 were developed by Insomniac........

Eidolon1272d ago

Oh right, I skipped right to Enter the Dragonfly, which was shit

NotanotherReboot1272d ago

Yeh ETD was the first one not developed by insomniac, as they moved onto Ratchet and Clank

roadkillers1272d ago

Yeah, not attacking Year of the Dragon was my only Spyro.

KillZallthebeast1271d ago

You corrected yourself otherwise I was ready to say you smoke crack XD

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ccgr1272d ago

Will check it out, thanks!

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Retroman1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Question : why do fans of certain games make it "Better" than original developers can?
do that mean developers Lazy or not trying to give us Quality games .

bluefox7551272d ago

Seriously? The game came out 20 years ago...
Unreal Engine 4 didn't exist back then...

Retroman1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )


Question was.......why do fans with gaming skills make classic games better than original developers?? but you did not read that part. to busy trying to make me seem like i don't know what i'm talking about........nice try though.

ya' kno blu life evolves around personal opinion in gaming community, right or wrong deal with it.
have a nice day........
any game 20 year old with up-date Unreal engine would be FANTASTIC.
this my personal opinion.

Studio-YaMi1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Which again proves that you don't know what you're talking about...bluefox755 was right, you clearly lack common sense to understand that this game is like 20 years ago and today we have tools and simple engines available to the mass to produce a quality product with minimum knowledge in game developing, you need to be more informed.

Also ... stop being so entitled, thank you.

Cobra9511272d ago

Minimum knowledge of game development won't lead to producing quality games, or even quality remakes of games. There's more to it than technology. The feel of the game needs to be captured intact in a remake, along with all its finer points. A tech demo is just that, and no more.

Retroman1270d ago

Son, i would love to see classic Snes titles with Unreal engine for ps4-5
Im tired of same-ol format open world gaming either military ,adventures ,zombis same-ol format open world.
All of them Boring!!!!!!! they soooooooooooooo Boring sold all of them . I play ol skool ps2-ps3 games now .

DreadGara1272d ago

Wow, that's incredible work.
Nicely done whoever put an effort on that 👍

Game definitely deserve a remake, collection pack and new releases.