Check out this Incredible Batman 1989 Fan Project

Tim Burton’s vision of Gotham brought to life by passionate fans.


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Gridknac80d ago

Wow! That is badass. WB needs to make this happen now.

WoodsRatesGames80d ago

Right? Thanks for checking it out!

Minute Man 72179d ago

Fans??? This is done by one person

WoodsRatesGames79d ago

Someone else was commissioned to do the music and another person modelled the batmobile. Links to all involved are included in the article.

Gaming4Life198179d ago

They should have been made a batman game for the best batman movie. This looks amazing and now I must watch the movie.

Gaming4Life198179d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Lol yea I remember batman and batman returns on snes but I meant non beat me ups.

DarthMarvin79d ago

Batman for NES is more of an action-adventure game.