PS4 Will Win December NPD, Xbox One Will Be Close – Pachter

"It’s been another successful year for the gaming industry, whether it’s the phenomenal success of the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft’s release of the Xbox One X or Sony’s continued dominance with the PlayStation 4. Even a generally niche medium like VR gaming has seen some pretty decent responses, again thanks in part to Sony’s PlayStation VR."

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Gaming_Cousin388d ago

Nothing new

Xbox just isn't good enough

Cyborgg387d ago

I don't even think Xbox will be close but Nintendo will be

slavish0387d ago

xbox outsold switch in November npd

Godmars290387d ago

Not supported properly you mean.

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sammarshall102388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

Sony has been killing it with the PS4

russo121387d ago

PS4 is the result product when Sony mix commitment, focus, development, business model, diversity, brand, value and entrepreneurial ingredients.

TheColbertinator388d ago

Microsoft may have to keep that low price point to stay in the fight against Nintendo. The Switch was the hottest system of 2017 and may well push into 2018

SpaceRanger387d ago

So sad that MS’ closest competition is Nintendo, a company that tripped and is sprinting to catch up.

yumi76387d ago

"Microsoft may have to keep that low price point to stay in the fight against Nintendo."

That seems like a good idea but clearly they disagree seeing as they just released the most expensive console on the market and all their advertising that I have seen recently seems to pretend the S doesn't even exist anymore.

sk8ofmnd386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

**Exactly This** xbox dudes are quick to keep jumping on the newest xbox where everyone else is like... uhh wasnt ms just hyping the xb1s a little over a year ago as the best thing next to sliced bread only to abandon it like a sinking ship? Whats the point of buying a 499 xb1x when if one waits a year or 2 it will be almost half the price. Its funny to watch their narrative change so many times over the course since 2013... its like watching a nfl team thats been consistantly losing so they keep changing everything until something sticks

Cyborgg387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

But I thought they were competing with Sony? Now they're competing with Nintendo

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UCForce387d ago

I don’t think so. Microsoft is one ignoring the competition. Sony and Nintendo are only two stay here and fight.

LP-Eleven387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

To be the hottest system of a year, since we're talking about sales, you have to be the best selling system. In 2017, that was the PS4 with relative ease. I know you like to just post whatever to get a reaction out of people, but even for you, that's pretty bad.

OT: I expect the Switch and PS4 to fight for top spot in December.

Christopher386d ago

I think it will remain PS4 -> Xbox -> Switch

MADGameR387d ago

Nope. The PS4 is by FAR the hottest system of 2017. And we don't even have our very best games out yet. God of War V, The Last of Us 2, Dayz Gone,etc. And when Final Fantasy VII Remake releases for the PS4. RIP Nintendo

Eonjay386d ago

Actually the hottest system is the PS4. This is what consumers have indicated through their purchasing habits. Also there is no point being so heavily vested in a Microsoft victory... its not gonna happen. Our individual personal preferences don't decide who leads the market.

Christopher386d ago

It's my understanding that PS4 sold more than any other console this year. What are we using to define "hottest" here?

Lime123386d ago

Yep, that's why PS4 is best selling console YTD in US, UK and whole Europe.

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DeadSilence388d ago

Lmao patcher is always wrong so I guess Switch will win.

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