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NoobFeed writes: "Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, more commonly known under its acronym PUBG, is one of the key representations of 2017: An incomplete concept just palpable enough to attract a massive audience, regardless of legitimacy. As such, the multiplayer shooter has skyrocketed to a phenomenon, rising beyond any criticism. One of the most successful releases ever made, PUBG is the Super Mario Bros of the internet age; insular to some, but yet already a household name, quickly spawning plenty of new projects that try to ride the popularity coattails."

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daBUSHwhaka1613d ago

Someone didn't get their chicken dinner..

Aeery1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

I think (right now) this is a fair score.

Revvin1612d ago

Maybe for the XBOX early access version but certainly not for v1.0 on PC

frostypants1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

@revin v1.0 still plays like a game in alpha. If this is truly the extent of their vision, they should apologize for taking our money.

NotanotherReboot1612d ago

Was just about to post this comment lol

UCForce1612d ago

I’m not convinced by your low reputation. So there that.

UCForce1612d ago

More like chicken dinner wasn’t cook enough.

roadkillers1612d ago

I dont know how to rate this game. Its fun, some will get it somw wont. I would really like to see the single player blupoint was talking about

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Snookies121613d ago

I don't understand the infatuation with this game. Did no one play Day Z? It basically just copied that.

Gazondaily1612d ago

Shame you don't get it. Its a great game. I have DayZ too and it's not like it at all.....

killswitch801612d ago

It definitely has more in common with Dayz than it doesn't

1612d ago
jrshankill1612d ago

It's best to not talk about things you know absolutely nothing about.

UCForce1612d ago Show
Asuka1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Maybe it's best you do not comment on things you do not know anything about.

Before PUBG, there was h1z1 king of the hill, before that arma3 br, and before that DayZ BR mod, and guess what? All of those have been worked on or assisted by the same guy and all of them are unoptimized and run like shit with promises of updates for years... And guess where we are today. Literally been rereleasing the same mod for years with a different name until one of them stuck aka PUBG.

Still runs like crap. IDK why anyone is expecting anything different going by their past work...

1612d ago
Revvin1612d ago

Its not like Dayz at all, Dayz has zombies, is not last man standing, PUBG has as much in common with DayZ as it does Doom or Quake Deathmatch. PUBG is a good game, runs well on a wide variety of hardware (even my wife has starting playing on her old PC) and is fun. It has some issues sure but what seems like simple gameplay on the surface i.e. land, loot and kill has more depth and subtle strategy than people give it credit for.

UCForce1612d ago

Even before PUGB made Battle Royal was popular, there was H1Z1 King of The Hill and The Culling and Minecraft Hunger Game.

Christopher1612d ago

Lots of games had BR modes, including DayZ. This is far from new. It's just blown up similar to the Friday the 13th game, which also want the first of its kind but just more notable by streamers.

Christopher1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

I guess if the logic that BR mode hasn't existed in other games, then Fortnite BR must not be BR either.

I guess it just didn't exist until PUBG.

Or can we recognize it has existed but hasn't been this popular until PUBG? Trying to find that one different element doesn't make it so it hasn't existed and arguing against the concept to elevate PUBG is pedantic and ignorant.

This conversation reminds me of the release of WoW where new MMO gamers were clamoring over how everything in WoW was never done before when in reality they took all the parts that worked in other MMO games, merged it with their IP, and created a hit.

Having said all that, lots of people need to realize that even if PUBG isn't new in concept, it's the biggest thing right now, just like how WoW was last decade for MMOs. Saying it's been fine before doesn't change that it's popular and fun for those who play it.

FlameBaitGod1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Huh? DayZ was an open world survival game where you gathered food, weapons while making your own base to fend off zombies and rogue players......... and you actually got 28+ likes LMFAO! people are really special these days, delusion is strong on n4g.

Christopher1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

"It's free for all deathmatch mode where players get dropped on the map. There is a designated area you have to be in, usually you have to be a circle within the map. Every 5 or 10min the circle keeps shrinking so player contact is inevitable. It shrinks to a tiny area in the end. The main goal is to be the last man standing i.e. king of the hill.

You spawn with no loot at all so you have to be in constant move to find stuff and to keep yourself in the circle. Whenever you find yourself outside the designated area i.e the circle you loose HP until you die.

Watch a H1Z1 King of the hill video, ARMA 3 has this mode as well but since I have an ancient PC I could not possibly play those games with decent FPS.*

This is how people discussed these things last year, now people are acting like it's only PUBG.

Asuka1612d ago

The irony... I cannot lul

Gazondaily1612d ago

DayZ is not H1z1. You guys are confusing the two. Arma having a kind of the hill mode is not the same

1612d ago
Timesplitter141612d ago

I like DayZ more than PUBG, but I spent like 2500 hours in DayZ so it's time for something new.

I'll go back to DayZ once it leaves early access in 2024

FinalFantasyFanatic1612d ago

PUBG just took off for some reason, it'll fall out of popularity eventually.

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Artemidorus1612d ago

Shame this didn't come to Playstation, I'd play it after a heavy discount.

OB1Biker1612d ago

Its supposed to be next year, isn't it?

chrisoadamson1612d ago

As far as I know the game is now listed officially as an Xbox console exclusive . Maybe PUBG2 will

UCForce1612d ago

@chrisoadamson That’s something i’m not sure. Because PUGB is a GaaS. So sequel isn’t possible.

OB1Biker1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

Rise of the TR was officially listed as xbox exclusive (with exclusive logo and all the bells) on Ms site for a while

badz1491612d ago


If that is the case with you, you won't be playing it anytime soon. Using the Early Access status, they have managed to avoid giving any discount

Artemidorus1612d ago

I can go out and buy a brand new XOX console with this game right now, doesn't mean I will.

This particular game reeks of free to play which it should be and charge the millennials by other means.

Gazondaily1612d ago

"This particular game reeks of free to play "


Daavpuke1612d ago

You might want to wait until the nice Xbox people beta test it for you, because it's pretty rough on console right now.

Jon_Targaryen1612d ago

A llooooooooooooooong time ago H1Z1 was announced for PS4.. Thats when the PS4 was first announced. Never happened.

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bluefox7551612d ago

Nice to see an honest review for once. Shameful that it gets anything higher when it still feels like an early access game.

alb18991612d ago

Because it is an early access game.

NordicRainy1612d ago

Not anymore, so that excuse doesn't work anymore.

jrshankill1612d ago


Yes, it is still early access.. on Xbox.

UCForce1612d ago

It’s still an excuse. You have to pay freaking “preview” build.

DarXyde1612d ago

I haven't played it personally, but I'm highly skeptical of everyone's interpretation of the game's quality. I think plenty of anti Xbox gamers are pouncing on the game and saying the score is well deserved without having played it with patches following DF's analysis (or at all), but I also think the pro Xbox gamers are possibly downplaying the issues the game has (someone even said it runs perfectly before the recent attempts to optimize).

I would wait until we see new performance analyses before talking about it at length. At least then we'll have tangible data over anonymous user testimony. At the very least, we can indisputably say that it ran poorly in DF's last performance test.

Lastly, to comment on PUBG and its similarity to other games, it's totally like King of the Kill and Fortnite. Denying the influence is ridiculous. PUBG really isn't any original idea, people. Call it what it is. That doesn't mean it isn't fun, it just means we should stop lying to ourselves.

OB1Biker1611d ago

To be fair DF had two analyses, including one after the patch, and both were not good.

DarXyde1611d ago

I hadn't seen that. Good to know. Ill watch it eventually. I'm curious to see that for myself.


I agree, I bought it on X1 last week and after about 20 games on Solo I finally got my Chicken Dinner! The game runs like crap (even for an X1) and the crashing (5 games out of 20 crashed) and networking issues such as lag and rubber-banding are really bad.

That said, It has been a LONG time since a game has given me this much anxiety lol, in a good way though. It's a rush to play and even better with a friend on Duo! Performance is crap but when it works, it's an intense addicting experience!

I feel like if say, Ghost Recon Wildlands came out with a battle-royale PVP mode with enough players, it would be 10x better than this and I have never played GRW lol. Hoping they eventually iron it out, and I don't expect 45-60fps with awesome graphics like Battlefield or COD but I hope they can at least fix the Memory issues, Fraemrate/screen tearing issues and networking issues in the near future!