Prepare to countdown to 2018 with the massive Xbox 'Countdown' sale

Neil writes: "Holidays are coming, holidays are coming. Hang on, the holidays are here and as we head on into the Christmas and New Year period the annual Xbox Countdown sale has begun. Want a bargain Xbox One or Xbox 360 game? This is your best chance."

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lxeasy2172d ago

Think I'm finally gonna buy Batman Arkham Knight. It's like 10$ This sale is better then there black Friday sale, a lot more games were added.

codelyoko2172d ago

If only it was X Enhanced. ..

raWfodog2172d ago

I just finished my second playthrough recently on Knightmare mode. I enjoyed it although many others didn't like the heavy reliance on the Batmobile for much of the game (I thought it was well thought out). It was $15 when I picked it up so I really didn't have anything to complain about.

RacerX2172d ago

I lucked out with batman, it came with the GPU I bought when it first released (pc version steam code), but because of all the backlash on PC, the developers backtracked and gave every steam user EVERY batman game in the series. So I got every game for free.

ElementX2173d ago

Bought bulletstorm, Witcher 3 goty, elite dangerous, and shadow warrior 2 so far...

Black0ut2172d ago

I bought Everspace and Rocket League, will defs be picking up TW3 also.

Pretty good sale and I'm fairly certain that i'm gonna be broke before christmas day haha. Enjoy!

RacerX2172d ago

Heck yeah, I'm going broke tonight. Dark Souls 3 deluxe, Forza 7, Far Cry Primal.... Fingers crossed Diablo 3 shows up on the list tomorrow!

Sgt_Slaughter2172d ago

Most of these are worse than Black Friday, holiday, or surprise clearance sales going on currently but if it's a digital only game you need then it's a good sale.


Rise of the Tumb Raider here I come! Should have never sold it in the first place but now I’ll get to experience the Enhanced version so I’m looking forward to that.

cfc832172d ago

Forza H 3 pass for quid odds.

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Tekken 7 Tournament at EGX 2023 Disrupted by Just Stop Oil Activists

During a tournament at EGX 2023, activists belonging to the controversial organization Just Stop Oil trespassed on the stage to disrupt a Tekken 7 tournament.

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garos8249d ago

losers with nothing better to do in their pathetic pointless lives.

Vengeance113849d ago

A strong case for legal murder. Activist lives don't matter.

Vader8248d ago

'Just Stop Oil' whilst also disrupting commuting, vandalising other people property and just generally being dicks.

gold_drake48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

they remind me of those idiots who glue themselves on streets haha.

Unknown_Gamer579448d ago

I never understood the logic of that form of protest. If anything, it increases fossil fuel consumption by forcing a lot of vehicles to idle until the road is no longer blocked. I’m all for protesting a cause one believes in, but I would think people would want their form of protest to at least make sense.

gold_drake48d ago

yeh, its quite dangerous too, cause u never know if anyone needs medical attention or not.

TheEnigma31348d ago

When these people get beaten up sometimes, it's always a real treat


Assetto Corsa is now $4 on Steam

Assetto Corsa is a popular racing simulation game known for its realistic driving experience. It offers a wide range of meticulously detailed cars and


Best Side-Scroller Games on PC

GF365: "These are our picks for the best side-scroller games on PC. The genre was popular back in the day, and these modern games prove the genre is still alive and well."

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