Horizon: Zero Dawn Devs Join Mafia III Studio for A New Unannounced Open World Game

A couple of developers who participated in Horizon: Zero Dawn will now join Hangar 13, the studio responsible for Mafia III.

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mafiahajeri305d ago

Mafia 3 was so damn bad. The protagonist was dumb af, they wasted such a good character in Vito. Missions were repetitive. The graphics were bland. The soundtrack wasn't as good as 2.

They should either do a completely new prohibition era mob game where youre trying to take down the mob a cop, with it being 4 player co-op game that you can play with friends or solo. Think Elliot Ness and the Untouchables. Or something completely new.

I don't get the need to change the era. Modern is out of the question because of GTA, so stick to what you know. Its not like theres an abundance of games set in that era.

And take notes from the Ps2 Godfather games.

SuperRaccoon304d ago

Mafia 3 was a disappointment, but your suggestion sounds way worse.

mafiahajeri304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

Lol have you even seen the untouchables? Its a perfect fit for the Mafia series.

I said solo or Co op so don't get your MP hating ass in a twist.

Grap304d ago

"with it being 4 player co-op game"
i don't know why people think co-op is good idea in any game. i have a life so is my friends, when i am free at 8 pm my friends probably aren't.

eddieistheillest304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

My friends an I have lives too but we plan on when we play. Co-op in a lot of games is a good idea. Not everyone lives your life.

Krysis304d ago

Then reach out on forums, make new friend to play with, and if you can't bother with that then don't play the game, but there are those of us who like co-op as well as single player narrative games.

showtimefolks304d ago

Co op won't magically make every game better. What mafia 3 needed most was about 1 more year of development time

It was rushed to release. The main story missions are very good it's the side activities that become repetitive

GTgamer304d ago

Lincoln clay is a great Character he gets shxt done

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Relientk77305d ago

Assuming it's Mafia 4. I heard Mafia 3 wasn't that great, but it still sold well.

eddieistheillest304d ago

It's pretty good . I bought it on sale on PSN about 3 weeks ago , I do not regret it .

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The_Sage304d ago

Misleading title. A couple people that worked on Horizon are joining Hangar 13.

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