Deadly Premonition Deluxe Edition Heading To Retail

The Deadly Premonition board game, which was a Kickstarter success story earlier this year, will be showing up in actual stores. Rising Star Games will release it in both North America and Europe on January 31, 2018.

The retail version of Deadly Premonition will be Deadly Premonition Deluxe Edition. This will come with a Steam download code for the Deadly Premonition PC game, custom die, a cloth gaming mat, and a soundtrack. It will cost $59.95. Players are all summoned to Greenvale to investigate the murder of Anna Graham and attempt to find out which suspect is the killer.

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NordicRainy327d ago

Fantastic game. I just wish that they'd fix the pc port. It's pretty much unplayable (unbeatable in my case)