Amazon December AAA Game Sale: Up To 85% Off

If you’re looking for new AAA games, Amazon is offering up to 85% on several AAA titles across multiple platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One and more, so take a look at the below deals to see what they have going on.

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Ashlen2371d ago

Cool, I got Best Buy to price match Exist Archive PS4 and got it for $7 with free shipping with Gamers Club. And I got .hack//G.U. Last Recode price matched yesterday too.

Gotta love these holiday sales.

_-EDMIX-_2371d ago

I've been looking to get Exist Archive for quite a while , I just have so many games in my backlog. But damn $7 is a pretty good deal.

letsa_go2371d ago

I am surprised they price matched in addition to giving you gamers club discount! You got lucky :D

Ashlen2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

Nah, they always do that. I have price matched a number of games, they always price match as long as the game is being sold directly by a retailer and they always have given me my discount, I haven't ever even had to ask.

Best Buy is pretty awesome, I have never had a single complaint with them.

2371d ago
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duplissi2371d ago

Don't buy the games using links from this site, they embed their affiliate code in every link. Shady AF.

letsa_go2370d ago

I agree! I always remove the affiliate link if I am going to buy something! These assholes don't deserve a cut of it.

duplissi2370d ago

If you check out the site, it is literally just articles listing games on sale on amazon.

letsa_go2369d ago

I bet their exact thought is, "I am going to make money off those loser gamers on N4G!"

Silly Mammo2370d ago

I think you left a 1 off of the Nathan Drake Collection. I only see it for $19.99.


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Tekken 7 Tournament at EGX 2023 Disrupted by Just Stop Oil Activists

During a tournament at EGX 2023, activists belonging to the controversial organization Just Stop Oil trespassed on the stage to disrupt a Tekken 7 tournament.

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garos82244d ago

losers with nothing better to do in their pathetic pointless lives.

Vengeance1138244d ago

A strong case for legal murder. Activist lives don't matter.

Vader82244d ago

'Just Stop Oil' whilst also disrupting commuting, vandalising other people property and just generally being dicks.

gold_drake244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

they remind me of those idiots who glue themselves on streets haha.

Unknown_Gamer5794244d ago

I never understood the logic of that form of protest. If anything, it increases fossil fuel consumption by forcing a lot of vehicles to idle until the road is no longer blocked. I’m all for protesting a cause one believes in, but I would think people would want their form of protest to at least make sense.

gold_drake244d ago

yeh, its quite dangerous too, cause u never know if anyone needs medical attention or not.

TheEnigma313244d ago

When these people get beaten up sometimes, it's always a real treat