Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 3 – Everything We Know About The Cancelled Star Wars Game

Were you one of many fans let down when Star Wars: The Force Unleashed III was cancelled? You are not alone as this was one of the most highly anticipated Star Wars games ever and many people were disappointed when it was cancelled. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was incredibly popular but Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II did not fare so well. It was a big burn for the sequel to one of the best and fastest selling Star Wars games of all time.

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Highlife1925d ago

Not really the games were very average at best.

hamburgerhill1925d ago

Maybe, but my son loved it. He was deep Into Star wars at the time, Thanks to this game. Of course I was uninterested but for others it was good and I respect that.

Summons751925d ago

I first was pretty great but the sequel screwed things up too much by ruining Starkiller's sacrifice to bring him back as a clone. It didn't need the sequel.

Highlife1925d ago

I guess i should say that i thought it had potential but for me it just didn't quite get there.

darthv721925d ago

The games were quite good actually. They set up the 2nd game with the intentions to make a 3rd but alas... that may never happen.

This and Dante's Inferno are two that should have received proper closure in the form of sequels.

1925d ago
GamesMaster19821924d ago

Maybe. But I would still of preferred this over battlefront 2 any day

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Lazyeye791925d ago

I hated that all the boss fights were QTE, but I loved using the force abilities and all future star wars games need to give this freedom with the force.

1924d ago
SenorFartCushion1925d ago

F*** The Force Unleashed, we got Disney Infinity instead maaaaaan

bloop1925d ago

Between BF:II and The Last Jedi, 2017 is the year Star Wars died. F*ck you EA and Disney!!

SenorFartCushion1925d ago

Then you didn't *get* The Last Jedi.

I'm a film theorist and am sorry for the frank reply but that's the only answer I can think of.

Why on Earth did you lot think that Snoke would be the main villain after Kylo Ren murdered his own father in cold blood?

And why, in 2017, would the only female-Jedi-protagonist character be special because of nepotism? There have only been prominent men holding the sabers so having Obi Wan or Douku or whomever being the reason for Rey's power is just borderline sexist and out-of-date. Power shouldn't be a birthright.

slate911925d ago

TLJ was

KillBill1925d ago

@SenorFartCushion - correct, Snope in no way was going to be the main villain. Just as Vader was the main villain and Darth Sidious was just the Evil Force behind his rath, Kylo Ren is the main villain and Snope was simply the wannabe Evil Force behind him. Kylo Ren has quickly shown that he is eviler than any villain we have seen yet in Star Wars.

And Rey with her discovery that she has no attachment to others in the film canon is little surprise. She is basically becoming what Anakin Skywalker was supposed to... the Chosen One. Anakin was born to a slave and came from nothing. As Rey was also born into nothing. The entire 3rd Trilogy is to show how the complete Star Wars story comes back upon itself in a way that shows us variants of past history repeating itself in an endless cycle of force and will.

bloop1924d ago

Oh I *got* the film quite alright SenorFartCushion. TLJ basically made everything that happened in the entire saga preceding it irrelevant and took the entire lore and mythology of the Star Wars universe and thrashed it.

@KillBill: I would argue that Sidious was the main villain in the original films. After all, he was the puppet master and orchestrated the whole thing resulting in what is "Star Wars"! And you think Kylo is more evil than Vader or Sidious?? Vader slaughtered innocent children and Sidious put forth the genocide of all Jedi and built a weapon to destroy and murder whole planets that opposed him. Kylo killed his father, whom he had no relationship or connection to!! And it's Snoke by the way, not Snope.

Hellforged_Savant1924d ago

@SenorFartCushion Well, if we're going boasting about this sort of thing:

I'm a film theorist with a Master's degree. I have followed Star Wars for the last two decades, i've written papers on the subject and had a few articles published. The one thing I kept wanting from this franchise was to justify this reboot with a major change the previous setting couldn't have accomplished. I was disappointed with The Last Jedi and quite frankly view it as a failure of a production. Not because the sole Jedi was female, not because Snoke proved to be a bait and switch, but because it introduced nothing new while sacrificing much of what came before. I had seen the same things it attempted done in various other outings from KOTOR 2 to the Legacy comics, often in more detail and with better execution. We have seen questions surrounding destiny and the future explored, often without aping half the plot points of The Empire Strikes back, or rendering the preceding six films as irrelevant.

I got what The Last Jedi was attempting. My criticism is that it did it badly.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane1925d ago

What’s the point of going over cancelled games? There was me thinkin it was a sequel announced kmt

Bleucrunch1925d ago

So a simple question over here, why do we need to know information about a cancelled game? I do not think that learning this information will contribute towards the game going back into development. No??

optimus1925d ago

maybe writing about it will help garner some interest of what could have been and comments and such on it from the fans could land on ea's desk (or disney) and they may rethink about bringing those games back. especially now since battlefront 2 has gotten a lot of backlash.

Segata1925d ago

For me it's neat to know what could have been, then I imagine the possibilities. More so with canceled new IP's like Project HAMMER looked really cool but that game likely has a more interesting history behind it than what the final product would have been. What we saw in 2006 vs what we almost got were very different games. That game also nearly ruined Nintendo's own NST studio with so many people quitting the company over its problems.

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