Bayonetta 1 Switch file size

NE: "Amazon Japan has already posted the tentative file size for Bayonetta 2 on Switch. Now it seems that we have the size for the first game as well."

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FallenAngel1984307d ago

Apparently Bayonetta 1 will have a larger file size than Bayonetta 2 on Switch

Vits307d ago

Well, that also happened on the Wii U. Bayo 1 was about 17GB while Bayo 2 was only 14GB.

Bronxs15306d ago

What's the capacity of the standard switch cartridge?

Vits306d ago

Nintendo offers a 16 GB and a 32 GB option. But, Bayonetta will use a 16 GB with only the second game on the cartridge, the first one is going to be a download code.