Should Nintendo Make Casual Games Again?

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

Remember the insane popularity of games like Wii Sports and Wii Fit? What if we returned to those simpler times?

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Theknightofnights637d ago

They mentioned that in the article.

FallenAngel1984637d ago

Yeah I know. Nintendo will make these casual games here and there like many publishers do, but it won’t be as prominent as it was before

GBG_Jason637d ago

I mean, they can, but while the Wii sold a ton of units, it wasn't necessarily repeat buyers. People wanted what the Switch is doing now, and it's one of the reasons it's so successful.

higgins78636d ago

Yeah, because God forbid anyone other than the self proclaimed 'hardcore' should enjoy videogames.

Sgt_Slaughter636d ago

Okay so let me get this straight.

For many years, people have been begging and pleading for a hardcore Nintendo again, more orientated towards games and new franchises more than motion and casual audiences, and now that they do you want it back?

Make up your minds.

AKR636d ago

I can see from your comment that you read only the title and not the actual article. Before you try and criticize, maybe actually try and find real points to criticitize instead of your own assumptions.

LucasRuinedChildhood636d ago

The fact that you somehow managed come away with this false dichotomy from the article is just bewildering (if you even read it at all). Your comment is about as insightful as, "First the people pick left-wing Obama, then they pick right-wing Trump. Make up your mind."

MisterManGuy636d ago (Edited 636d ago )

Yes, they already do. Nintendo should have as many creative voices as possible, that includes those who make "casual games". If that upsets the "hardcore" gamer snowflakes, then too bad so sad. I believe developers work better when left on their own making what they want to make, rather than whinny gamers telling them what to make.

NotoriousWhiz636d ago

Why are you calling them snowflakes?

MisterManGuy636d ago (Edited 636d ago )

Because they like to act that their way of gaming is the extra special or "true" way of gaming. And anyone who doesn't recognize or conform to it, is a fickle casual obsessed with Candy Crush. It's really annoying that gamers feel developers must bow down to their specific tastes. If they don't, they'll play the victim role and claim they were "abandoned" or "forgotten".

Video Games are a creative medium. Developers have the right to express that creativity in any way they choose. Gaming as a whole benefits when we have a wide spread of ideas, and audiences to cater to, and a variety and views and philosophies to bounce off of, thus leading to more and better games. If everyone just follows the heard like sheep, then we stagnate, shrink, then die.

This is why its important for Nintendo to make "casual" games. They have some of the most creative talent in the industry, and I believe not making these creators beholden to mob rule, and letting them persue whatever types of projects they want, gives us a much more eclectic and diverse range of games. You want proof? Look no further than the Nintendo DS, which had a dynamic range of games from unique casual puzzlers, to hardcore experiences, to stuff people have never really seen before.

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The story is too old to be commented.