PUBG's Poor Xbox One Debut Could Prevent its Console Takeover

With all the issues PUBG has had with its console version, could it have seriously hurt its console prospects?

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Cyborgg358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Console Takeover🤔🤔

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alb1899357d ago

One million players in two days, is doing just great!
I have the X and I'm enjoying it all the way.
I can spend hours playing it thinking I played minutes.

PFFT357d ago

Yep it sold a little over 1 million in 48hrs and still growing due to how popular the game is currently on the Xbox and the game had a poor debut on the .... i tell you man some of these wanna be gaming websites love talking out of their behinds. Yes granted the game is far from perfect and it has its fair share of problems BUT its nothing an optimization patch or 2 cant fix. But other than that the game is fun and entertaining as hell.

sprinterboy357d ago

So you bought the X £449$500 for shite visuals, low fps and a buggy mess of a game. OK each there own.

PFFT357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

I have an X as well and i do prefer playing my MP games on the Xbox. If i ever feel like playing Weeb RPG's ill use my Pro.

richyque357d ago

We all with the OG xboxone have an x, since all our xboxones magically turned into x. Its funny how the very day the xboxone x came out everyone that owned the original on here all got the X at the same time.

WilliamSheridan356d ago

Richy, actually that makes perfect sense. You are on a gaming website. Everyone here would likely be considered a true gamer or gaming fan. Why else would we care about the news? Xbox X was such a leap that any real fan would be foolish not to admit its significance. It'sa great system, and a welcomed friend to my PS4 Pro

KillBill356d ago

I know right. 1 million players in 48 hours and it is marked as a failure. But Origins gets 1.5 million in 4 weeks and is doing great.

jrshankill356d ago

"Poor Xbox One Debut"

So we are now at the point of delusion? Gotta love fanboys

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badz149357d ago

from CoD? LOL good luck!

Raiden356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

I feel so sorry for you, because all you have is a PS4 for your gaming needs, PUBG is not coming to PS platform if ever does it won't be now or the next 2yrs, so you are missing out on all the FUN, so upgrade to a £$1200 PC or buy a X1X because this game will be at home on these platforms

There has been a very big problem for years with the gaming industry, game play = fun V Graphics = poor game play but average story line, this has been the state of the industry, now PUBG, i have been playing this game for the pass 4 months and to tell you the fun i have had is great, now MS/XBOX has the game in game preview, now i have purchased it because it's only £25, and people forget about the frame rate at the beginning, once you land the frame rate is a massive improvement, this game plays the same way as it does on the PC, now this game is NOT even RELEASED yet for the Xbox, but as it's Xbox you gamers who have this game on PC knows better the addictiveness is crazy and that's just the game play, this game is still been optimized for the PC, now this has been out on steam for almost 9 months and the game is still been optimized, now if the game was so bad in frame rate fun section, this game won't have 15mil steam players, so fun V graphics, so far fun is winning, when this game is fully ready for release it's going to be crazy, i say get into the preview and dont miss out.

yomfweeee356d ago

LOL Raiden do you really have to make up lies to make your system look better? No one knows the details on Xbox deal. Many think it only applies to the game Preview. Could be on the PS4 in a few months potentially. No one knows.

rainslacker357d ago

Are there really many games that actually "takeover" consoles?

Overwatch and Destiny seem to do really well....along with the regular FPS we see every year, but are any of them really taking over anything?

If things go well for the game, then it can remain relevant, but as long as it stays on Xbox, it will never actually take over anything.

shloobmm3357d ago

except it sold over a million copies in less than 48 hours soooooo.yeahhhh

jznrpg357d ago

It was given away with xbox purchases

alb1899357d ago

Nop, the special started three days ago.

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Hamnett666358d ago

Usual Twinfinite clickbait lol. It sold over one million copies in 48 hours so can't be that poor of a start

sprinterboy357d ago

Ms fans are just desperate for games, so sad you lot feel forced to spend money on early access for this, it's not even in beta imo more like alpha.

ZwVw357d ago

Did you feel the same way when Sony and Capcom released that busted, near unplayable port of Ultra Street Fighter IV for PS4?

jrshankill356d ago

Played around 10 games yesterday.. zero issues

343_Guilty_Spark356d ago

Yet you feel the need to scream to the mountain tops that it’s not exclusive and is coming to the PS4. We know damn well you spend hours watching Twitch/Mixer streams of PUBG...waiting....wishing.

itsmebryan356d ago

The same could be said for GTS. PS4 owners are starving for a decent racing game. And the we're happy for a incomplete game that lacked content and had to pay full price for a beta. GTS only sold well because PS4 hasn't put out a racing game in years.

That is why the lowest rated GT in years sold so we'll.

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Cobra951357d ago

It's a technical mess. It doesn't matter how many people bought the unfinished product. It may be popular because of the hype, and people leaping in before they look, but this version still is quite poor.

For those who keep asking all over the thread: yes, I own an Xbox One.

Eonjay357d ago

They will say you need to get in compliance with them or else you are a liar and don't own Xbox.

Eonjay357d ago

No it didn't sell 1 million in 2 days.

CitizenFour356d ago

Playerunknown himself, Brendan Greene, said on Twitter that the game reached 1 million players on Xbox One after just two days.

Eonjay356d ago

Wow, you just proved my point. Gamers aren't supposed to be treated like stupid children. Read what you typed again and my comment that you responded to until you get it. It did not sell 1 million copies. I refuse to pamper your ignorance.

CitizenFour356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

Players does not = units sold... is that your argument? Wouldn't' it stand to reason that every unique player is a copy sold since there is no trial or anything?

Whatever... add a day.. 1 million units in 3 days is still perfectly respectable.

yellowgerbil356d ago

1mil copies is NOT impressive. A game like skyrim or gta5 had like 10 million preordered. Hell Zelda sold more copies than there were systems, thats impressive

Ra3v3r356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

All sequels or part of a franchise that have been going for 20-30 years. They all have the benefit of previous experience from the gaming world's player base. And if Skyrim had 10m pre-orders, I'd be disappointed if I was Bethesda because it's taken 6 years to sell 22.5m copies and PUBG has shifted 25m copies in 8 months. 1 million players in 48 hours is an impressive number for a game that's apparently shite.

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bobsmith357d ago

its good will keep improving now add the desert map and new modes like 50v50 or zombie mode

PFFT357d ago

Apparently a few people dont want for it to succeed BUT tough chet naysayers! The game is doing more than well on the Xbox One and the game will only get better with every patch they release. And yeah Bob i too cant wait for the desert map and those modes. Freaking HYPE!

sprinterboy357d ago

Guess waiting for the finished game will suit us ps4 owners 😛

zuul9018357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

Apparently waiting doesnt suit you though cause you cant stop going to articles about it and talking about it...

Raiden356d ago

Remember MS/XBOX is now funding BLUEHOLE, so i won't hold my breath for any PS announcements

jrshankill356d ago

sprinterboy.. please let me know once it comes out on PS4

Best multiplayer game of the year on the best hardware of the year.

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corroios357d ago

I hope that trend doesnt start on console. I really hope that other studios dont start doing the same. Asking money for beta...

ThinkThink357d ago

I hope they do. I will gladly buy a game from game preview early for the big discount. Even if you don't play it until after it releases. You just saved 30 dollars!

Eonjay357d ago

It like gambling. This game will never be $60 By the way.

UCForce357d ago

I hope not. Because if the developers keep continue doing this, they will scam us.

Scar-357d ago

Lol that s*** they released was more Alpha then beta.

Cobra951357d ago

Sorry to disappoint you, but this has been happening for over a year now. It's euphemistically called "early access".